Pool and Decks: Trim That Ties It All Together

cozy patio deck

Pool and Decks: Trim That Ties It All Together Photo: Adob Stock/slavun Decks are a really nice feature of many homes in the bay area. Color matching is so important to the look of a home. It’s just as vital as how our kids leave the home each day. It’s a terrible thing to go […]

Front Yard Deck Ideas

front yard deck

Front Yard Deck Ideas Photo: Francesca Tosolini / Unsplash Beautiful Spring Weather is the Perfect Time to Stain or Paint Your Deck Now that we’re into beautiful spring weather, we’re approaching the time for perfect staining weather! The dry summer is our friend and ally and will help us finish the task quickly. So if […]

Outdoor Deck Living Rooms


Outdoor Deck Living Rooms Preview of August 16, 2021 Blog Photo by Cameron Smith on Unsplash Outdoor Deck Living Room Concepts and Ideas for Stunning Backyard Transformations The pandemic of 2020 has taught us to better appreciate the simple pleasures in our lives while they can still be had. Being together in groups and having […]