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Pricing Packages

Pricing packages for Residential and Commercial Painting Services

pricing-packages-Basurto-PaintingAre you curious about the pricing packages for Basurto Painting of San Jose? As a professional service with a team of professional, licensed painters, we will be happy to provide an estimate based on your needs.

The pricing of our painting projects is determined by several variables which we would like to explain. Our goal is to be transparent about our processes so you can feel confident that we wish to create a win-win agreement for all involved. Here are some of the criteria that determine the pricing of our services:

  • If you have a small job you want to be done quickly, we will tailor our pricing accordingly. 
  • If you have a large job that requires a lot of repair or detail work, we will tailor our pricing accordingly. 
  • If you are selling your house and the painting needs to be clean and fresh, we will tailor our pricing accordingly. 
  • If you want to take on a major remodel and make your home improvement dreams come true, we will tailor our pricing accordingly.

When the Basurto Painting team meets with you for an estimate, here are some of the survey questions we will ask when providing a comprehensive pricing assessment:

  • Residential property, Commercial property, or both?
  • Interior painting, Exterior painting, or both?
  • If it is a Residential property, does the project involve a rental house? Apartments? Single-family home? Other? 
  • What is the purpose of the paint job? To make it look clean and fresh? To sell the property? To prepare it for new renters? To make it look like the dream home you have always wanted? 
  • When was the last time you had painted the interior? The exterior?
  • What is most important regarding this painting project? Price? Quality? Speed? Perfectionism? All of the above?

We want to help make your house comfortable and help you fall in love with your home again. This is particularly helpful when you are trying to decide if you want to stay in your existing home or move into a new one. For example, when the Basurto Painting team paints houses that are about to go on the market, the houses are usually neglected to some degree. After the new paint job is done, the owners often wonder why they didn’t do it earlier. 

The Basurto Painting team is dedicated to offering high-quality painting services that provide a lot of value at reasonable rates. As a result, our pricing reflects the size of the job, the quality desired, and the time it will take to complete the tasks.

Our goal is to create a pleasant painting experience for our customers and we want you to be thrilled with the outcome of our high-quality, professional painting services. If you have any questions about the pricing packages from Basurto Painting in San Jose, please contact us for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to serving you.