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If you and your family are thinking about changing up your home’s look, it’s time to call the residential painting and repainting experts at Basurto Painting. Serving San Jose and the SF Bay Area since 2003, our team of licensed painters will have your home looking like new in no time.

Are you thinking about accent wall painting and repainting for your home? Basurto Painting in San Jose has handled numerous accent wall painting and repainting projects over the years. Accent wall painting and repainting trends change with the times, but you can rest assured that our team of licensed painters can meet your specifications.

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We recognize that many of our clients from San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area have a specific vision in their heads. That vision may be a bold, colorful wall, or perhaps something softer and elegant. Based on our years of experience, we can help find the right material and painting technique to bring your wall and ceiling to life.

Basurto Painting will bring your imagination to life — we offer reasonable, high-quality residential painting services. We hold ourselves to elevated standards, which means our services are meticulous, and our team has an eye for detail for both the aesthetic and technical aspects of painting.

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