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Garage Door Refinishing

Garage door refinishing by Basurto Painting

Garage door refinishing for residential properties

Garage door refinishing can be an intricate process — it requires a team of licensed painters that knows what they are doing. Fortunately, Basurto Painting has been honing our home painting skills and craftsmanship since 2003. Throughout the affluent community of San Jose and the San Francisco Bay area, we are recognized for our attention to detail, commitment to cleanliness, and overall passion and positive attitude for anything painting-related, including garage door refinishing. 

When it comes to refinishing garage doors, many painters would rather walk away and move onto an easier game. We don’t blame them. Garage door refinishing is a very time-consuming and strenuous job. It does not just take time and hard work, but it also takes knowledge, experience, creativity, and patience to achieve outstanding results. At Basurto Painting, we love those kinds of challenging jobs. Our team of licensed painters does not shy away from garage door refinishing, and our customers are delighted with our high-end, perfectionist tendencies.

A high-quality garage door refinishing can make all the difference. A poorly done performance can radically diminish your custom home’s overall appearance. Each time you pull up to your garage, regardless if your home is located in San Jose, Santa Clara, Willow Glen, or Palo Alto, we want you to feel a sense of pride. The team of licensed painters at Basurto Painting is honored to provide detailed quality and affordability to each garage door we refinish.


Basurto Painting is communicative about the entire garage door refinishing process. We want you to feel confident in the quality of the work you are receiving. We live by the saying, “it’s all in the details,” as even the most minor component of the garage door refinishing procedure will receive precise and specialized care. We aim to ensure your experience with us is positive and professional. 

Basurto Painting will bring your imagination to life — we offer reasonable, high-quality garage door refinishing to residential properties throughout San Jose. We hold ourselves to elevated standards, which means our services are meticulous, and our team has an eye for detail for both the aesthetic and technical aspects of painting. If you would like to learn more about garage door refinishing, please contact us for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to serving you.