Victorian Homes: The Heftiest Price Tag

Victorian homes

Victorian Homes: The Heftiest Price Tag Photo: lunamarina/AdobeStock It’s important to understand what exactly goes into the preparation and work to repaint a Victorian home. People sometimes ask us from the blogs we produce why they don’t see more Victorian homes. Victorian homes are certainly around the Bay area and the people who own them […]

High Gloss in the Living Room Cabinets

living room cabinets

High Gloss in the Living Room Cabinets Photos and video courtesy Basurto Painting. We do kitchen cabinets often enough that living room cabinets are simple to work into our schedule and it is work we enjoy! Sometimes our work at Basurto is not on the walls and doors that make up a house. Instead, our […]

The Ideal Time For Painting In the Home


The Ideal Time For Painting In The Home July is the perfect month for painting your home. Have you ever considered exactly when the best month is to get your house painted? Let’s look at what makes July such a great time to paint in your home! Painting the exterior and interior of your house […]

Five Ways To Freshen Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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From the front yard, to color accents and outdoor furniture, there are many opportunities to freshen up your home. Welcome to the April 5th blog! This week, we’re looking at the many ways to freshen up your home’s curb appeal! Not every step has to be costly, but this is a project over time. Unless […]

What Do A Fresh Coat Of Paint and Spring Cleaning Have In Common?


Image by Jarrett Tilford from Pixabay A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Awaken Walls Inside and Outside Your Home Welcome to the March blog! We hope winter has been kind to you and your family. It’s been a busy season, and we’re just getting started as we look towards the coming Spring. Just as winter […]

Three Design Ideas To Make Your Bedroom A Romantic Retreat


Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay Your bedroom is a sacred space, meant to give you rest and restore you to your strength for another day in the world. As we have been living with lockdowns in the pandemic, it has become easier to take this space for granted. As February arrives, it might occur to […]

Five Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For The Holidays

freshen up your home

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash Utilizing The Five Senses To Help Freshen Up Your Home Welcome to December! This is an exciting time, especially for the families who have had to sacrifice a lot of their special times together this year to manage issues due to COVID19. As the holidays draw near, we hear […]