Why Should You Hire A Licensed Painting Contractor?


Photo by Theme Photos on Unsplash Basurto Painting is a professional, licensed painting contractor offering quality painting services. If you’re considering having your exterior or interior painted, you are likely checking into costs, and looking for ways that your family can save money on what is usually a big undertaking. One way of doing that […]

What Is The Difference Between A $5,000 Paint Job and A $20,000 Paint Job?


Photo credit: Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash At Basurto Painting, it doesn’t matter the price of your painting job. We hold ourselves to high standards. https://youtu.be/yZ3PXLhuo2s Affordability without Compromising on Quality Of course, there can be quite a few differences between a $5,000 paint job and a $20,000 paint job, but at Basurto Painting, […]

How To Tell If Your Painter Is Doing High-Quality Work

Do you know how to tell if your painter is doing high-quality work? If you are not an expert painter, you may not know the difference. But if a homeowner or property manager is looking for a quick tutorial on how to tell if your painter is doing high-quality work, here are some helpful tips: […]

What Makes A Perfectionist Painter?


When people hear about how the Basurto Painting team is a licensed group of painting perfectionists, they’re curious about what that means. We can’t blame them. What makes a perfectionist painter? Since 2003, we have been handling the painting projects for many high-end residential properties. Because we strive for perfection in our work, we have […]

Five Big Reasons To Hire A Professional Painter


If you own your home — especially in the time of COVID-19 — chances are you’ve looked around your four walls and fantasized about some kind of home makeover. Am I right? If you have experienced these fantasies, you also probably looked at doing the painting yourself to save some money. Correct? Well, let me […]