Updating Your Curb Appeal

curb appeal mahogany garage door

Updating Your Curb Appeal: Mahogany Garage Door Photos by Basurto Painting A beautiful custom-built home in San Martin, California with custom-made mahogany garage doors updates its curb appeal You can listen to Nico Basurto as he tells the story in this audio clip: This week’s blog looks at a beautiful custom-made mahogany garage doorinstalled in […]

Raising the Profile on your Garage

motor bike in garage

Raising the Profile on your Garage Image by SplitShire from Pixabay Great Ideas On How To Transform Your Garage Into An Elevated, Productive Workspace Are you thinking about ways to elevate your garage? Basurto Painting is eager to turn the interior and exterior of your garage into a space that could offer you more. Think […]