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Why Real Estate Agents Love Us

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Real Estate Agents give us a call when it comes time to prepare a house for painting, especially when a house needs that every bit of love prior to moving a tenant in.

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Basurto Painting and Real Estate Agents have a wonderful relationship with each other! When it comes time to prepare a house for painting and when a house needs that every bit of love prior to moving a tenant in, Basurto Painting is who they call! We pride ourselves on our elevated standards and work every day to bring life and color to the communities we call home! Here are some of the ways that we help Real Estate Agents get the most out of their homes!

Nothing helps to set the tone for a showing like a perfectly painted home, stunningly stained cabinets, and an excellent exterior! Basurto Painting offers a wide variety of painting, staining, and refinishing services. Including Bathroom vanity painting & repainting, expert interior and exterior painting, wallpaper removal, and much more! Beyond that, we specialize in luxury homes and offer an upgraded service for the most exacting of customers! Here are a few of the reasons Real Estate Agents love to work with us!

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Photo courtesy of Courtney Charney, Parc Agency
  • Elevated Standards – At Basurto Painting, we do the job right, so we only have to do it once! We take pride in the elevated standards that we bring to the job; we even specialize in Boutique Services, offering specialized expertise in luxury homes. Check out the refinishing job we did on this 30 year old oak door!

  • Relationships – We forge strong relationships with our clients and are proud of how often we are called back to continue work on a home or extend the work to a client’s other properties. Basurto Painting is a family business and that extends to our clients and the Real Estate Agents that we partner with too!

  • Luxury Home Expertise – We pride ourselves on helping people to realize their dream homes! A luxury home is the manifestation of a lifetime of work and dreams, and we take that very seriously. We offer a special service, curated by our owner Nico Basurto, that is designed specifically for the needs of luxury home owners!

  • We do things right, so we only do them once – We have a company culture built around “doing the job right, so that we only do it once.” If it takes some extra time to reach our elevated standards level, then we schedule the time to do that! We want the customer to be completely satisfied with the service that we offer, we want them to be absolutely wow’ed by our work, and we want them to rave about us to their friends and family! That is why we make sure we do the job right.

Basurto Painting puts elevated standards and commitment to high-quality work before everything else. We take the time to properly-prep our job sites to do our work to the highest level possible. Our relationship with our community and the family unit that operates our company places us in a category not commonly seen these days. Relationships and quality work are what got us where we are, and we can’t wait to meet you to build on that!

In addition to painting services, we also offer a wide range of handyman services such as: 

  • light fixture replacing
  • electrical switch plate replacing
  • cabinet door adjusting
  • interior door adjusting
  • toilet seat replacing
  • window covering removal
  • wallpaper removal
  • wall patching and re-texturing
  • water faucet replacing
  • baseboard replacing
  • door hardware replacing
  • kitchen cabinets door knobs and handles installation
  • garage floors painting
  • garbage removal/dump runs
  • pressure washing of driveways, patios, fences and decks
  • ceiling fans removal
  • bathroom towel bars removal and installation
  • medicine cabinets removal and installation
  • smoke detector installation
  • carbon monoxide detector installation
  • light bulbs replacing
  • bathroom mirrors removals
  • door weatherstripping replacements
  • window weatherstripping replacing
  • sinks and bath tub caulking replacing 
  • color schemes selection and suggestions
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Photo courtesy of Courney Charney, Parc Agency

If you are a Real Estate Agent looking for the right team to put your trust in, look no further, Basurto Painting is the team for you! Our family owned and operated business takes relationships very seriously, it is built into our foundation. Check out some of our videos and get to know the team! When it comes time to get your house ready for staging and showing, contact Basurto Painting to schedule an appointment, and let us bring our elevated standards to your doorstep!