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Why It’s Awesome To Work At Basurto Painting

Are you a hard worker, a team player, and a professional? At Basurto Painting, we are looking for the perfect fit for our painting team!

interior ceiling Basurto PaintingDo you have experience working on a crew? Do you dream of painting homes at an artisan level? Today, we’re announcing that Basurto Painting is looking for one exceptional painter for full-time work.

We need someone available from sunrise to sundown, to work five days of the week. We’re hoping to find the kind of natural talent that can’t be taught, and to build upon that talent with the skills and ethics that take that talent to a whole new level.

Painting on a team like ours is not an easy job. We want a bad-ass who is willing to take on the adversity and the challenges with a great attitude. Someone who wants to be coached, to be taught, to be molded into our image. We want a Basurto Painter, not just a great painter.

Such a worker is not treated as a man, nor treated as a woman: we hire painters, and they must operate as a team, working well together and behaving as professionals. 

If you’d like to join our team, get in touch with me, Nico Basurto, today. Tell me what you can do, what you know how to do — and be accurate. I don’t need someone who claims to know everything, but I do need someone who can be taught all the things Basurto Painting does.

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Please contact Basurto Painting today if you’re interested in applying for the position. And if you need services from Basurto Painting, schedule an appointment and we’ll walk you through our various services. We offer thorough color testing before painting, ensuring that you are completely satisfied and love the colors you choose. Our attention to detail and dedication to elevated standards will ensure that you and your family get the home you always dreamed of!

Photos: Courtney Charney, Parc Agency and Basurto Painting. Video: BasurtoPainting.