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Why Do Real Estate Agents STILL Love Basurto Painting?

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We are called upon by real estate agents because of our elevated standards AND we're fast.

Did you know that Basurto Painting is beloved by real estate agents in the Bay area and beyond? Real estate professionals need service they can rely upon with standards that raise the bar, not lower it. Last October, we talked a bit about how Basurto Painting is loved by Realtors. We want to revisit that for a moment, as realty companies are some of our most regular clients.

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In this Blog from March 2021, we introduced our friends Jack and Jolaine, a pair of realtors we regularly do house and apartment touch-up work for. We enjoy a great working relationship with our real estate clients, and our relationship with Jack and Jolaine has been one of great trust and mutual benefit. They understand our process, trust our input, and make our work as easy and manageable as possible. 

We’ve told you before about some of the clients in the real estate game, and that they love working with us. But we’ve only really touched on WHY they love us. Here are some of the reasons realtors love Basurto Painting:

We Have Elevated Standards

Realtors want the work done to be clean, avoid messing up the surrounding areas, and for there to be no evidence that Basurto was even on the job site when we leave. We don’t leave work unfinished, and we walk through our work with their very critical eye looking for any possible mistake or blemish, so that we know our client is happy with the work Basurto has done. 

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We're Fast

Usually, when we’re called, it’s because a realtor has just opened up an old location, meaning that it doesn’t have a renter or has one who will need it touched up before they occupy their new home. We don’t waste time and we don’t play games, and our realtor clients don’t do that, either. We set our time schedule and budget, stick to it as much as possible, and communicate anything that might cause a delay or issue to our client as soon as possible.

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We Are Worth It

We don’t come cheap; Basurto Painting charges an honest price for quality work. We don’t disappoint and we don’t make excuses.

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Please schedule an appointment with us today, and we’ll walk you through our complimentary consultation. We specialize in the jobs other painters turn down, the custom homes that call for incredible quality backed by a lifetime of industry knowledge and experience. Call today, and see why San Jose and beyond are raving about Basurto Painting’s “Elevated Standards.”