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What Do A Fresh Coat Of Paint and Spring Cleaning Have In Common?

Image by Jarrett Tilford from Pixabay

A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Awaken Walls Inside and Outside Your Home

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Welcome to the March blog! We hope winter has been kind to you and your family. It’s been a busy season, and we’re just getting started as we look towards the coming Spring.

Just as winter is a time for death and resignation, Spring is a time of renewal and hope. When life returns to trees and gardens, we begin to weed the dead bits from our lives and welcome new life. Bringing out the wintery dead often means families have yard sales and get deep into cleaning out their home for the new year.

As you consider how to renew the space you live in, remember that a fresh coat of paint can drastically change how you feel about a room as you enter it. If you have a room that’s not getting enough attention, such as an exercise room or a family den, identifying the weak spots is the best way to begin.

Combined with spring cleaning, a fresh coat of paint can awaken walls inside and outside your home. A drab, cluttered room can come to a new life as an organized, vibrant space with just a single wall painted. And accents matched by color can help emphasize the spirit of the room.

Check out top interior designer Zahira Cury’s video on the top wall colors for 2021 for some ideas on where to go for your spring awakening!

See Basurto Painting about a fresh coat for Spring today! We offer affordable painting services without sacrificing quality and provide the peace of mind of a licensed, insured contractor. We will meet with you, assess your situation, and explain our painting process in an unambiguous, non-intimidating manner. We genuinely care about making each customer completely satisfied, and we look forward to working with you soon. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation.