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Victorian Homes: The Heftiest Price Tag

Victorian homes
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It's important to understand what exactly goes into the preparation and work to repaint a Victorian home.

People sometimes ask us from the blogs we produce why they don’t see more Victorian homes. Victorian homes are certainly around the Bay area and the people who own them would seem to fit the profile of our clients– people with higher-end homes who value the kind of elevated standards Basurto Painting is known for.

Victorian bay windows
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But we rarely do Victorians. Talking with Nico, he explained why: “They’re very expensive to paint.” That had us wondering, why are Victorian homes so costly to paint? Nico gave us multiple reasons:

Lots of walls, lots of paint.

The scheme of Victorian homes requires multiple colors, and is designed with a lot of accent trim. Because of the multiple colors and the types of paints used on Victorians, the price goes way up. “But when they’re done right,” he says they’re gorgeous.

San Francisco Victorian Homes
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Lead-based paints.

One of the reasons Victorian homes are costly to paint is because most have lead-based paints. The protection we need to wear while painting with these paints is costly. We need HEPA filters to collect all the dust. We need special hand washing stations. We need to wear masks, respirators, and a special suit to protect our workers from the lead.

Victorian houses in San Francisco
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It’s in the details.

Remember what I said about all that accent trim? When working around tiles, shingles, and corbels, it’s very time consuming to go around the fine details of a Victorian design. The dust created when we’re scraping or removing the old paint takes extra time to remove.

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It requires the personal touch.

We need to do a lot of the work by hand, which takes extra time. But when done correctly, it’s a work of art!

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All of this is not to say we DON’T do Victorian homes– but when we do, we like to prepare our clients for a potential case of sticker shock. If you have a Victorian home and would like the kind of special attention and experience Basurto Painting can offer, schedule an appointment to let us guide you through our various services.

We offer thorough color testing before painting, ensuring that you are delighted and love the colors you choose. Our attention to detail and dedication to elevated standards will ensure that you and your family get the home you always dreamed of!

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