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Upgrading Your Accessory Dwelling Unit

Image by Dave Murray from Pixabay

With Good Planning, An Accessory Dwelling Unit Can Be Made Into A Workspace Or Spare Room

Do you own an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), or have you considered purchasing one? Sometimes called Wendy Houses or Granny Houses, these small units can be made into a workspace or a spare room for a family member staying for an extended period of time, or even a back-up kitchen for barbecuing in the summer. They can have all of the amenities of your home– toiletry, power, even Internet– if you plan for it.

We’re starting to see more and more of these at Basurto. Put up hastily in the summer of 2020, these outside units probably saved a lot of marriages as family members moved in together during the Pandemic. There’s a lot we can do for you with these small unattached units, if you’re looking for an upgrade or to repurpose an existing unit to go along better with your family’s lifestyle.

We can paint the interior or exterior, or stain wood. We can match a color to an existing space you’d like to emulate, including your home, or if you’re hosting a family member, their original home. If you are repurposing an ADU from a family member’s room to a Home Office, we can help with suggestions for doing that in a way that is respectful and will help you optimize work!

As you can see in the photographs from this ADU painting, we can offer you many services to make the most of this space. Painting services, an exterior check for any patching or caulking needs, a very comprehensive color selection process (including sample brush strokes on the wall of your ADU itself), and Basurto Painting’s special application methods for getting the job done efficiently and with precision. We are quick, quiet, and we don’t leave a trace behind.

At Basurto Painting, we offer professional residential painting services that are sure to leave you feeling satisfied. Contact us at 408-206-4906 with any questions, or click here to request your complimentary consultation today!