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Updating Your Curb Appeal: Mahogany Garage Door

Photos by Basurto Painting

A beautiful custom-built home in San Martin, California with custom-made mahogany garage doors updates its curb appeal

You can listen to Nico Basurto as he tells the story in this audio clip:

This week’s blog looks at a beautiful custom-made mahogany garage door
installed in a custom built home in San Martin. Because of the particular dimensions of the residence, the door was made to size specially for this house.

The manufacturer of the garage door delivered the panels separated. This was better for us, allowing us to prep the panels before we began the work. The garage door company would then install the door after we finished the panels.

The important first step is patching nail holes on the exterior frame with a wood filler. We tested until we found one that was suitable for exterior patching. We then sand the frame  smooth, until we reach a level of quality that is appropriate for finish.

curb appeal mahogany garage door
Photo by Basurto Painting

Then we worked on the panels. We applied a 2-part liquid epoxy to the raw wood, to harden it. Hardening the surface of the wood makes it easier for the finish to adhere to it– like a gluing agent– and enhances the color marginally, but not significantly. more solid for the finish to adhere to it better. So it’s sort of like a gluing agent, that’s all it does. It’s an extra step to take– not the level of effort we always take– but we do it when we know that our clients have a door that will receive a particularly heavy exposure to the sun.

From there, I did a custom mix of two of the Sikkens door and window colors, which is dark oak and red mahogany. The balances really vary depending on what the client wants. In this case, we mixed the stains 80/20, so 80% dark oak and 20% red mahogany. It took 4 coats of finish to coat it and used an HVLP gun to keep each coating consistent. As you can see from the pictures, our extra pains provided a beautiful appearance of colors! After that, we put a clear coat on it just to give it an extra protection of the same Sikkens product.

Mahogany garage door close up
Photo by Basurto Painting

On a typical door like this, we pinpoint the life expectancy of the finish to be anywhere from two years to three years before it requires any maintenance. Naturally, a lot of sun exposure can affect the longevity of the finish.

The best way to upkeep and stay on top of the maintenance of the garage door is to keep an eye on it. If the finish starts looking a little hazy, or a little dull, that means it’s time to call Basurto Painting, have us come out and do a light wash and reapply the clear coat to keep the integrity of the finish and to keep the finish protecting the color underneath.

When the homeowners neglect their garage door until it starts peeling, it’s typically a much more costly job. We can no longer simply touch it up. The door has to be stripped down to bare wood again and we must start the process from scratch– sanding it down to bare wood, sealing it, applying the color and applying the clear. This makes it much more expensive.

So it’s very important for the homeowner to stay on top of their garage door. Exotic woods and beautiful exterior wood finishes are a high maintenance area. But they’re beautiful, so they’re worth it, because they really accentuate the start of the house.

If you would like to inquire about having your own garage door stained or repainted, contact Basurto Painting, and we can schedule an appointment to walk you through our various services. We offer thorough color testing before painting, ensuring that you are completely satisfied and love the colors you choose. Our attention to detail and dedication to elevated standards will ensure that you and your family get the home you always dreamed of!