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Three Reasons Why A New Paint Job Will Make You Fall In Love (Again) With Your Home

Trust in Basurto Painting's elevated standards when looking for a new paint job to treat your house with care and respect, and to feel like a home that identifies you and your family.

There may come a time — perhaps you’re already there — where you’ll glance around your home and feel too comfortable with the things around you, or too familiar. One way to move beyond this feeling is to get the house painted. But with it being something you’re too busy to take care of yourself at the moment, plus the expense of hiring professionals, you might be searching for some reasons to get the house painted. 

Basurto Painting can give you three reasons why painting your house painted is a good idea that will make you fall in love with your home again.

Reason #1: Protection
Getting your exterior and interior walls repainted is a level of attention your walls may not have seen in some time. Painting adds protection to your house, as a coat of paint can be the difference between things falling apart later.

Paint provides a barrier of protection against insects, weather, and damage, as does the kind of maintenance we do with an exterior/interior paint job: caulking, patching, and retouching damaged areas. 

What’s more, getting the house painted can protect your peace of mind, as knowing you have the house in a good state can help you feel safer in the investment you’ve made.

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Reason #2: Value
Painting a house increases the value of your home and gives it curb appeal. A brightly-painted exterior stands apart from others caught in the slow dissolve of time. It allows you to modernize your house’s look and feel without greatly modifying the layout or function.

Remember that curb appeal goes a long way towards your reputation in the community. It’s how most of your neighbors will likely know you. Having your house’s exterior freshly painted can mean the difference between being described as “the Jordans in that house” and “the Jordans, in that beautiful two-story over there”. 

Reason #3: You
Your own identity is expressed in your house, so house-care is self-care, too. If you don’t like that identity or feel it has shifted in the years since you bought your home, you can do something positive and proactive to change it by hiring a painting team to take care of updating it for you.

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You and your family deserve a fresh living space to occupy. A new color can bring the original luster to your exterior, interior, or even to just the details, like your kitchen cabinets. It can remind you of that moment when you first bought the house, the freshness of it, the feeling that the house was ready for the decades to come. 

A house is a thing for generations, even centuries if properly cared for. It will need updating from time to time to keep it in the now. As you live and bring a family up in a home, you begin to change, as well. The things that were cool and quirky at 30 will start to annoy and alienate you at 40. At 50, you may wonder why you ever changed things at 30. When your tastes change, allow yourself the freedom to let your house accommodate who you are with some paint and some minor repair work.

You both inhabit and are part of your home, and you’ve had to stay it in for a lot longer than usual this summer. You’ve had to spend much more time inside than in past summers. Thank yourself for the pains you took in 2020 by trying a new color to make it more appealing to you when you pull into your driveway each evening.

Trust in our elevated standards to treat your house with care and respect and feel like a home that identifies you and your family. Read this testimonial from Anton C., one of our satisfied customers:

“We hired Nico for a combination of indoor and outdoor painting.  It’s been close to a year since the work was completed, and it still looks awesome!  He and a small crew of 1-2 guys caulked/sealed and re-painted all of our exterior columns and porch ceilings.  They also repaired small areas of damage to several interior walls and moldings, and a few doors, and re-painted those as well.  The quality of the end product was awesome, but almost as important, he was very professional and trustworthy all along the way.  He communicates well, follows through, and has a great disposition… so I’d easily recommend him to friends and family for any home painting needs.” – Anton C. from Menlo Park

Do you feel ready to update or retouch your house? Basurto Painting in San Jose wants to be your painting team. Just click on this link to request an estimate for the work you’d like to have done. Our business is changing colors!