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Three Design Ideas To Make Your Bedroom A Romantic Retreat

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

Your bedroom is a sacred space, meant to give you rest and restore you to your strength for another day in the world.

candles in bedroomAs we have been living with lockdowns in the pandemic, it has become easier to take this space for granted. As February arrives, it might occur to you that you would like to make the bedroom a little warmer. Perhaps a little more inviting. Or perhaps more romantic to the casual observer.

There are plenty of ways to soften a bedroom, and Basurto Painting can pass on a whole host of recommendations at the end for you to explore further. In the meantime, here are three thematic changes you can make to your bedroom that are inexpensive but transforming:

  • Color: this doesn’t need to be an entire repaint of a wall. It can be a theme of emblems sewn into pillows or pillowcases and duvet covers themselves. Reds, pinks, and passionate purples do a remarkable job of setting a romantic mood. A thin red line can replace a running board around your room with a slash of beautiful color.
  • Lighting: there are many options to make a bedroom more romantic that take advantage of the lighting. The most romantic element is a roaring fire in those bedrooms lucky enough to have a fireplace. Candles are great for setting a romantic glow to a room mood. Properly arranged candles can enchant a warmth to every surface they encounter. String lights can add a kind of magic if arranged tastefully at borders and edges, adding that same warm candle glow while safely contacting surfaces too flammable for candles.
  • Motif: carrying a single motif throughout the room can be inexpensive and an excellent way to tie the room together. And it can be quite romantic if you choose to make it romantic. Hearts, angels, soft animals, feathers, and other signifiers can be used repeatedly in a space to conjure a mood just with their presence.

To expound upon these decorating ideas and more, check out House Beautiful’s 22 Romantic Bedroom Ideas That Set The Mood, HGTV’s 20 Romantic Bedroom Designs, and The Spruce’s 9 Decorating Tips for a Romantic Bedroom. And don’t forget that Basurto Painting can add color to your bedroom whenever you’re ready to make a more substantial change. Happy Valentine’s Day!