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Refinishing Wood Interior Doors

applying clear coat to stained door
Photo: Basurto Painting

Interior doors refresh: a richer, deeper wood tone.

Doors are an exciting element to a design aesthetic. And for an elementary space, a great deal of meaning is attached to a doorway. It depends on whether the door is seen as a barrier, an entrance, or an exit. Doors partition spaces but also transition a person from one world into another.

The refinished bathroom door.
This refinished door leads to an art studio.

When a door begins to lose its luster, it can affect you as you go about your daily life. Instead of a magical portal, you have a dingy, dirty obstacle to your next space.

Basurto Painting knows that your doors were meant to be magical. You want to see them alive again, brilliant in whatever color you choose, painted or stained. We can help. We are experts at refinishing wood interior doors.

applying clear coat to bathroom door
Applying a clear coat finish. Photo: Basurto Painting

As you can see in the example here, we’ve refinished the door on the right. It seems to shimmer with a richer, deeper wood tone. The one on the left had yet to be stained.

refinishing interior wood doors
Photo: Basurto Painting

It requires us to remove the door, disassemble the hardware, mark and tape the door properly, patch and sand, and then apply finishing stains. By the time we finished, our team had transformed both of these doors into beautiful gateways into a Monterey home’s separate worlds. 

refinishing wood interior doors
The doors are completely dismantled and prepared for refinishing and staining.
Photo: Basurto Painting

Are there doors in your home that need some refreshing? Please get in touch with us today and schedule an appointment; we would love to be invited into your home to help you bring your doors back to life. We pride ourselves on the “elevated standards” we bring to refinishing wood interior doors, and we look forward to the opportunity to show you what makes us different.

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