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Raising the Profile on your Garage

Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

Great Ideas On How To Transform Your Garage Into An Elevated, Productive Workspace

Are you thinking about ways to elevate your garage? Basurto Painting is eager to turn the interior and exterior of your garage into a space that could offer you more. Think curb appeal, elevated tool storing, a garage gym, a workspace for your emerging startup, or an easier-to-clean flooring for when you work on your favorite motorcycle or auto. 

Basurto Painting is thinking about potential peninsula clients like Mel and her husband RC. Mel, who has a background in the auto industry, is looking to run her startup out of their garage and work out there during work breaks. RC is a data scientist at Stanford University.  Together, they are thinking about many ways that Basurto Painting can help them paint their remodeled garage.

Photo by Sam Sabourin on Unsplash

Here are some great ideas that Basurto Painting can help in turning your dingy neglected garage into an elevated productive space:

Update your garage’s tool shelving and cabinets.

Basurto Painting can assist you in painting or repainting shelving and cabinets in your garage. After years of reaching for tools and items with dirty hands and placing heavy items in the shelving, you may need to update your shelving for a cleaner look. Please get in touch with us for different paint type suggestions that can suit your needs.

tools in garage
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Highlight an area for your garage gym.

During COVID-19, many homeowners have moved their workout area to their garage. Elevate that area by block painting or updating the paint to the interior of your garage. After adding a mirror and some matting, your garage gym can feel like it was always supposed to be there. 

Update your garage floor.

You could be tired of looking at that stained concrete or wanting to create an elevated feel to your garage. Changing the look of your garage floor is a great way to change the overall feel of the space. 

garage floor painting Basurto Painting
Photo by Basurto Painting

Paint your garage door and trim.

A great way to increase curb appeal and elevate not just your garage but your home is to update the look of your garage door and the exterior trim to your garage and house.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Do you have a startup running out of your garage?

Create a space that is conducive to the work you do and the innovations you are creating. Do you need an area designated for the server racks you may have? Office areas for you and other members of your startup could be much of the space you may consider. A new look at your startup space can be a great way to elevate your company. 

Designate an accent wall.

You may have a plain wall you want to update your profile and give it a fresher look. Painting an accent wall can help draw the eye, focus the mind, and improve the space.

If you are looking to update your garage profile, please consider contacting our perfectionist and professional painters at Basurto Painting. Reach out to us by text, phone, or email at 408-206-4906 or Update the profile of your garage by requesting a free estimate. We cannot wait to uplift your garage to the levels you’ve been dreaming about!