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'Quick and Dirty' Deck Refinish

Photos by Basurto Painting

A Better Looking Deck For Those Sunny California Days Thanks To A Quick Deck Refinish

Do you have a deck that was assembled and then left to the elements over time? Take a look at our ‘Quick & Dirty’ Deck Refinish for ideas on how to save it going forward!

deck refinish 03 before Basurto Painting
Deck (before)
deck refinish after Basurto Painting
Deck (after)

You know those worn out decks that it’s on your plans to replace in the near future but you are not ready just yet? That’s what we’re talking about! Nails or screws are sticking out… there are warped planks… some dry rot… railings that are dirty with moss growing on them. Here at Basurto Painting we just did one of those decks, (actually two of them) and we have some thoughts for those with a neglected deck who might be thinking of how much they’d like to entertain in their backyard with a better-looking deck this summer.

deck refinish 05 before Basurto Painting
Stairs (before)
Stairs (after)

In this case, the home owners picked the color and it looks really good with the rest of the house for the time being. Yes, we specialize in high-end custom painting, but can also do quick and dirty when the occasion calls for it!

First we pressure wash the entire surface to be refinished and let dry. Second, we drove a few long screws on the warped planks to get rid of the tripping hazard. Third, we apply the stain, and then, we’re finished!

Deck refinishing

The result: a safer, more enjoyable, better-looking deck for those sunny California days to relax and spend some quality time with your family.

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