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Pursuit of the Perfect Desk

Photo credit: Basurto Painting

Solving Our Desk Problem at Basurto Painting

desk-right-viewAt Basurto Painting, we specialize in painting. However, we recently added a new member that is also a great finish carpenter.  Overall, we are solution seekers and this is our solution to the desk problem.

We tried looking for a ready-made desk that suited the needs of the space requirements, height requirements, functionality, and appearance. However, we decided to pursue the perfect desk by building it ourselves.

Here’s a video showing the new desk we made for Nico, the founder of Basurto Painting. 

We used a butcher block for the top and used natural varnish. Then, we painted the base using Pure White SemiGloss Waterborne Urethane-Based paint. This paint is environmentally friendly and that is why we prefer using it.

Let us know what you think of our experiment. Do you like the desk we’ve made? 🙂

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