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Project Spotlight: Stained Front Door Refinish

Using Sikkens High-Performance Polyurethane On A Stained Front Door Will Help Resist Against Weather And Time

Drag the center vertical line side to side to see a before and after comparison.

Today we’re looking at a project with a stained front door refinish using Sikkens door and window high-performance polyurethane. As you will see, the end result is a beautiful stained door that helps resist against weather and time.

To begin, our painters must prepare the door and the jam for the work ahead. The door gets removed off its hinges from the jam. Next, we lay the door flat onto sawhorses, removing the hardware such as stoppers, knobs, knockers and hinge fittings, as well as masking the glass from any possible stain splash. The jam is equally stripped and masked.

The front door before we started work on it.
The door jam is treated with the same level of attention and detail.

Second, the door is stripped down to bare wood so that we can give it a proper stain. To clear old paint off, we utilize a combination of methods: scrapers, sandpaper, a random orbit sander hooked up to a vacuum to minimize dust, and as a last resort, a gel paint stripper. The jam is equally masked for care of the nearby hardware and glass, and then stripped of the paint using the same methods. This is a harder part of the task, as we can’t set your jam on sawhorses to work at a convenient level. The task requires skills, strength, and precision.

Third, with the door and jam completely stripped and cleaned, the new color application process begins. At first, it will look nothing like the final color. This is a process of multiple applications. The stain color needs to be layered up in order to achieve the final color, as the color is a tint. 

Each coat of stain needs to be let dry overnight. This is due to the fact that stain is an oil based product and needs time to dry and set a tone. Because of this delay, typical front door refinish process takes approximately five days to complete.

It will take several layers to build up to the desired color.

When you hire Basurto Painting, you aren’t just renting our time… you’re renting years and years of painting experience.”


Below are the color options for this particular Sikkens product. Ten colors might seem very limited, and it would be– but not for Basurto. Our painters can intermix colors and blend them to custom match your preferred color, using only these colors shown here. With enough the right balance of staining, we can achieve the color you need!

As Nico says, “That’s the difference between a professional and a rookie. Remember, when you hire Basurto Painting, you aren’t just renting our time… you’re renting years and years of painting experience.”

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