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Project Spotlight: Painting Faux Lines

How We Painted Faux Lines To Add Definition And Dimension To This Whole Exterior Home Painting Project

faux lines front viewWe’re showing off one of the special projects we’ve done recently: changing a solid-painted area to look like a paneled area with faux lines! It came from an exterior job Basurto Painting did where they painted the entire house in a gray color, which went well on the paneling that covered the house. 

Nico explains, “When we finished painting it… the siding showed the lines beautiful and it looked great, but that concrete part in the front of the house… didn’t go well with the rest of the house.”

faux lines porchFaux lines are used to emulate wood panels for a seamless match between two very different surfaces. The goal of faux lines is to get the shiplap look of boards being used in the construction of the home onto an area that doesn’t have boards– in this case, the concrete stairway that was added later. 

The lines add definition and dimension to a plain space and create the illusion of a flush set of materials. Seen from a distance, faux lines make the concrete surface look shiplapped and consistent with the rest of the home. The home in our example is shiplapped, but the porch steps leading to their front door were built sometime after from concrete. Even when in the driveway, it’s difficult to tell that the lines of the wood slats are actually drawn on; it makes the concrete look like the same material as the walls of the home.

faux lines front doorFaux lines are created by carefully measuring the distance and levelness of the lines to achieve perfect balance, and pencil-marking each line into place. The team then masks the lines and draws them in, directly onto the surface of the paint. As you can see in the photos, done correctly and with care, the illusion is hard to spot! Nico, explains, “And faux finish is not our specialty, but when we get creative and play around with it a little bit, we’re able to do some pretty good-looking stuff.”

The client agreed to their proposal. “She goes, ‘Okay… yeah, go ahead. If you feel that you can make this better, go ahead and do it.’” So the Basurto team did a bit of color matching and then drew test lines for the client’s approval. “That just really amazed the homeowner, she was just thrilled with the result… how from the driveway, that it just looked like it was all covered in siding… It just completed the look. That was just the finishing touch.”

If you have additions to your home that you’d like to bring in line with the home’s complete look, perhaps faux lines can help you achieve it efficiently. Let Basurto Painting put their elevated standards to work for you today. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to serving you.