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Project Spotlight: Deck Staining and The Stained Pavers

How A Deck Staining Project Turned Into A Solution On Clearing Up Stained Pavers

deck staining

This week’s blog shares a story about a project we did at Basurto Painting. This project was a deck staining project, and we used an oil-based stain that goes into the wood and protects it well. It’s a high-quality stain that we used, and the deck looked fantastic when we finished.

However, there were unsealed pavers underneath the deck that accidentally got stained by drips coming from the wood deck above. When we saw that drops from above stained the pavers, we did our best to remove the stain from those beautiful pavers. We tried multiple methods to remove the stain spots from unsealed pavers. After testing several products and working relentlessly to find the solution, we finally found a product that worked. We were able to remove the stain from the pavers.

We share this story of the stained pavers with you because we want you to know that the Basurto Painting team takes great pride in our work. We are perfectionists, but sometimes things happen unexpectedly. We always strive for excellence, so our clients know our goal is to do the right thing.

Here’s the story (watch the video below), straight from Nico Basurto, telling all that happened with the stained pavers and how we ended up with a happy ending for our client.

Stained pavers (before)
Pavers with stains removed (after)

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