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Painting A Brick Fireplace For An Impressive New Look

Photo: Basurto Painting

How Painting Your Fireplace Can Add Color And Accent To Your Living Space

Your fireplace isn’t just a fixture of your home; it’s there to bring warmth and comfort to your family; it can also be an opportunity to add color and accent your living space! While the classic weathered brick look is timeless, and there will always be a place in our hearts for it, why not try something a little new?

That’s what our owner at Basurto Painting recently did. Nico decided it was time to give his fireplace a makeover and bring new life to his living space, so he chose to accent his walls with a stunning fresh white finish over his fireplace. His fireplace is in an older, bulkier, style and finishing it in a brilliant fresh white helped it blend into the wall and act as more of a fixture than a standout element.

Painting Over the Brick Fireplace

With just the first few strokes, you can already see how much life this new color brings to the room!

brick fireplace - painting with roller
Applying paint with a paint roller brush. Photo: Basurto Painting

The difference is amazing; it brings the space to life.

brick fireplace painting with a brush
Painting in between the fireplace bricks. Photo: Basurto Painting

What a difference that makes. It elevates the room and makes everything feel more modern and clean.

brick fireplace
Photo: Basurto Painting

When we suggest painting your fireplace, it surprises some people; many people never considered painting their fireplace. They assume that you can’t paint your fireplace because of its exposure to very high temperatures. Basurto Painting is an expert painting company with decades of experience in the industry, and our owner Nico Basurto brings a wealth of knowledge to our community.

We specialize in problem-solving, and situations like this are where we excel. We use a special, very high-heat resistant paint; designed specifically for exposure to extreme elements. We can paint fireplaces, ovens, grills, and more!

Here Are The Two Main Reasons We Suggest You Consider Painting Your Fireplace

  1. It can accent your home in an unexpected way – When people walk in and see a fireplace painted anything other than your standard brick red, it surprises them! Your fireplace ends up stealing the show, drawing your guests to your living space, and making everyone feel at home.

  2. It will help protect your fireplace – Beyond bringing a fresh look and feel to your home, the right finish will serve to protect the bricks and keep your investment stronger over time. For most of us, our home is the biggest investment we make; protecting the fireplace is an opportunity to keep the value of your investment at its peak. Our special paints provide a protective layer over the brick and help to keep out harmful elements that wear the surface over time.

This project came out great and brought a whole new comfort level to Nico’s home. Where before, his fireplace felt old, worn, and outdated, it now looks modern and blends beautifully with the expertly painted walls. We can do the same for you and your home, and we would love the opportunity to help.

Invite Basurto Painting into your home to paint your fireplace this season! Don’t hesitate to Schedule an appointment, and we can discuss all the particulars of a unique project like this one. We pride ourselves in the “elevated standards” we bring to the job site, and we can’t wait to show you the results we can give!