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Old Places Into New Spaces

old places into new spaces
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Life Changes

As we go through enjoying all life’s day-to-day moments and memories, it can seem like within the blink of an eye the seasons change, and before we know it the years pass us by. Rooms and spaces in our homes that were once meant to provide a room for your child or for an office are now sitting in a purposeless collection of dust going unused.

unpacking boxes
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There’s a tendency to leave a home as it is when these things happen, that eventually gives way to a desire to alter our spaces to meet the changes in our lives– when we’re ready to accept change. As we transform our homes for the year ahead, this is a good time to consider transforming the unused spaces around our home into something more functional.

Transforming Unused Spaces

An attic space could become a spare bedroom, with some paneling and planning. An empty-nest bedroom of an adult child could be transformed into a library and study, with bookshelves, easy chairs, and floor lamps. A ‘Wendy house’ (off-house building) could be made into a mother-in-law suite for an elderly parent who needs some supervision but prefers autonomy. In the event of a guest home becoming vacant, the home could be made into a home for a child going to college in the area, or transformed into an Airbnb or VRBO guest home– close enough to clean and maintain, but separate enough to ensure the comfort and privacy of your family and your clients.

living room attic
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Utilize Creativity and Color Recommendations

With a little creativity, the emerging space in your family’s life can be used to enrich your family. And Basurto painting can help you bring this new space into being. We can recommend wall colors that suit the room’s purpose or trim colors to help tie the space to the rest of your home. If you’re planning for someone elderly to stay in the space, we can install products to make their ease of life considerably better. While we do not do whole-home remodeling, we can install such items as simpler door knobs or handrails in showers and bathtubs. Learn more about this in our blog article, “A Royal Bathroom for our Aging Bodies“.

bedroom attic
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Got an unused space you’d like to transform into something useful? Please schedule an appointment with us today, and we’ll walk you through our complimentary consultation. We specialize in the jobs other painters turn down, the custom homes that call for incredible quality backed by a lifetime of industry knowledge and experience. Call today, and see why San Jose and beyond are raving about Basurto Painting’s “Elevated Standards.”