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Kitchen Cabinets for the Upcoming Holidays

kitchen cabinets Basurto Painting
Photo by Basurto Painting

With September now here, we’re about to enter the fast-rolling months of the holiday season. Holidays at home can be magical and wonderful, with memories that last for decades and form the ideas of how we see our family relationships. That puts pressure on families to decorate or update the home every few years.

kitchen cabinets
Even stained cabinets such as these can be painted with a beautiful paint to protect the wood and update the style of your cabinets. Photo by Basurto Painting.

The Kitchen: The Heart of Your Home

Our kitchens are a place of connection for quality family time, laughter, and learning. The popularity of our kitchen as a family gathering place leads to the accumulation of grease splashes, dirt build-up, dust, and the liveliness of our families (which may include a few knicks or dings). They’re so central to our lives, we wear them out– or wear into them, failing to notice how outdated and worn they’ve come to look as the years have passed.

As the holidays approach, customers are thinking more and more about those popular spaces, and especially their kitchens. Being the heart of the home, many families find themselves gathering and helping out in the kitchen. Many families turn to professional services to help foster the holidays or renew the look to something modern and neutral, or simply refresh your preferred style, such as stained wood. Kitchen cupboards and counters that were once the height of coolness have been unaddressed for years, and may feel outdated as the styles change through the decades.

center aisle cabinets - Basurto Painting
This island was once overlooked, as it blended into the background. With an update, the counter now matches the drawers and cabinets with a fresh new look. Photos by Basurto Painting.

Show Your Kitchen Some Love

This may be a good time to show your kitchen some love too through a kitchen cabinet refresh! A change of color or look, in need of a refresh and repair from wear and tear, and a recently remodeled kitchen are just a few of the reasons clients come to us for their kitchen cabinet repainting. 

Kitchen cabinets can be a meticulous process since so many parts require attention and care! From removing fixtures, handles, and attachments to taping off the cabinets to avoid getting any unwanted paint, it’s crucial to handle the cabinets carefully.

How Exactly Are My Cabinets Refreshed?

Depending on the surface type of your cabinets, they require different types of primers, paints, and even the method of application is different. There are many factors taken into consideration when repainting, staining, or refinishing kitchen cabinets.

Whether your kitchen cabinets are wood, metal, or laminate is important to note in order to get the right materials and perform the proper steps. The job may be different for every customer, as every kitchen layout varies and there is a wide range of doors, hinges, surface area, paint type, damage repair, and a variety of other things to keep an eye out for and adjust our practices appropriately. 

pantry and sideboard
This pantry and kitchen cabinets were cleaned, buffed, sanded, and then painted to a beautiful white. Photos by Basurto Painting.

How Long Does It All Take?

It’s important to work efficiently and thoroughly as kitchen counters get prepped and painted. All the surrounding areas are marked off carefully, taped, and covered to prevent accidents and spillage. Drawers, fixtures (such as handles), and glass windows are removed or protected. We work within your time, but we also ensure our work is done correctly– no shortcuts, no half-measures.

One issue for many customers is the length of time it can take to properly paint the cabinets. However, this is a vital area to not cut any corners. It’s critical to properly follow the steps of disassembling, patching, sanding, prepping, painting or staining, drying, and re-assembling. As we sometimes need to move appliances (like a stovetop, for instance), there are some elements that could be dangerous if they’re not respected and cautiously approached, such as an active water source, an open gas line, and food storage.

Things to Consider

It’s difficult enough to paint brand-new kitchen cabinets; restoring and refinishing old cabinets require a great deal more planning, work, and expertise. Only a handful of companies really excel at this kind of labor-intensive work; fortunately, Basurto Painting is one of them.

There are considerations to make when you decide to paint or refinish your kitchen cabinets. Do you have older cabinets that need to be restored, or do you have new cabinets that need their first finish? The process is different for each, so it’s important to be prepared for both! At Basurto Painting, we don’t take shortcuts, because of that, our kitchen cabinets can take some time to complete. However, the time we use to ensure your kitchen cabinets are what you desire, will in the end save you time and money as they’ll last you for the years to come!

Together, we help you discover all the proper sheen and finish types so you can have both the style you want and the finish your cabinets deserve! They are a high-traffic area and require frequent cleaning, meaning you need a sheen that can handle repeated wiping and cleaning solutions. We’ll walk you through everything and get you set up with the best option for your needs.

freshly painted cabinets Basurto Painting
Look at the difference this update has meant to the kitchen! With freshly-painted cabinets, the faded look of the stain has been traded for a bright, clean kitchen! Photo by Basurto Painting.

FAQs of Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Staining:

This is up to you! Many people opt to get the inside painted as well, as it creates a seamless look in their kitchen. If that’s not a priority, just doing the exterior is a good way to bring down the cost of the estimate. 

The usual process for kitchen cabinets is 1 – 2 weeks, give or take, or around 10 days– this can be longer or shorter depending on 

      • The number of cabinets,
      • The amount of surface area,
      • The type of process your cabinets may require of us.
    • You’ll be able to have access to areas of your kitchen in the mornings and evenings, when there is not a crew onsite.
    • Our typical hours of operations are 8-4:30, and it’s adjusted as needed (such as for the weather or for client accommodations). 

Cabinets must be fully emptied out to allow us to prep them correctly. In order to mask, tape off, and disassemble, all items must be removed from the cabinets and placed out of the way of the work area.

Unfortunately, no, you will need to provide your own boxes. When preparing to paint your kitchen cabinets, check your local hardware supply store, such as Home Depot, for inexpensive boxes to temporarily store your items in. U-Hauls stores also sell boxes of various sizes, including double-strength ones.

The answer is yes, with the proper preparation (which varies slightly for each particular cabinet, wood type, or surface). The cabinets can be painted with basically any color or sheen that you prefer. Which is a match economical over replacing your kitchen cabinets!

In our experience as professionals for over 20 years, #1 is Gemini pre-cat waterborne lacquer. 2nd, Benjamin Moore’s newest product Command, it’s a urethane-based paint. 3rd would be INSL-X cabinet coat. 4th would be Kelly Moore Durapoxy. All of these products come in many different sheens, going from satin to high-gloss. Also, Benjamin Moore Advanced which is a hybrid waterborne alkyd paint is another great option.

This varies by the product when applied. Technically speaking, semi-gloss is going to have a slight difference over satin. However, most homeowners prefer satin due to its elegance in look and appearance. Again it’s a very marginal difference, higher sheen, more capability, hence it stays clean a bit longer.

Most hinges have adjustments on them. At least one adjustment, some of them have 3 adjustments. Meaning the door can be tilted, lifted, or pushed forward, with the turn of a screw. Our team of professional painters can definitely give you advice or do it for you. Again, this would vary by hinge brand and hinge type, but most hinges have 1 to 3 adjustment points.

The answer is yes and no. Doors and drawers we offer the option of taking them offsite and bringing them back already finished. However, the box and frame itself have to be done on-site due to the fact they’re affixed to the wall and ceilings. So yes we can take away the doors and drawers but the frame has to be done on-site. In most cases clients, homeowners have a 2-car garage or 1-car garage that can be masked or prepared to be used as a spray room and we do everything on-site

Different types of products available are conversion varnish, which is typically very hard to the finish, but since it dries super hard and wood is a surface that expands and contracts with moisture, this type of finish would chip off very easily when the doors are hit with something hard such as a pot or pan. It would look very nice and very sleek, but it would chip relatively easily. That’s why we recommend a water base finish, either waterborne lacquer, hybrid paint, or urethane-based paint which are more flexible. They still give you the hardness you want for durability but they’re more flexible and they’ll give you fewer chips than a conversion varnish coating will.

    • One is stains or wiping stains and clear to protect the finish.
    • Another one is where we prime and paint, we can paint any color – white, off-white, grey, black, etc.
    • Then, we also offer glazing, where we do a base coating, usually white, then go over it with a glaze, a brown or black glaze. Wipe off the accent on the door reveals and details, and add a quick coating on top to protect the glazing, which is a glaze-type finish. Those are a few of the most common finishes we offer.

Do you have kitchen cabinets in need of refreshing? Please schedule an appointment with us today, and we’ll walk you through our complimentary consultation. With over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience, we are equipped to handle jobs that many clients are unable to find help for. Call us today to see why all around the Silicon Valley and beyond are raving about Basurto Painting’s “Elevated Standards.”