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How To Tell If Your Painter Is Doing High-Quality Work


Do you know how to tell if your painter is doing high-quality work?

If you are not an expert painter, you may not know the difference. But if a homeowner or property manager is looking for a quick tutorial on how to tell if your painter is doing high-quality work, here are some helpful tips:

Ask questions.

When you meet with the painting company before the job begins, be sure to ask lots of questions to find out if you’re comfortable with how they operate. 

Here are some questions to ask a prospective professional painting team:

  1. Are they licensed?
  2. Do they have photos showing examples of their previous work?
  3. Can they explain their techniques and what makes for a well-trained painter?
  4. Are they perfectionists who take their time? Super speedy and quick? Somewhere in between?
  5. How do they present themselves while working? Neat and tidy? Sloppy? Somewhere in between?
  6. What are their processes for protecting your property and the areas/objects that are not being painted?
  7. Do they perform a walk-through inspection after the job is complete so you have the opportunity to point out mistakes that need to be addressed?
  8. Do they leave the area as clean as or better than they found it?

Remember that you’re renting their behavior.

As a service provider, their job is to reduce your stress, save you money, and also make you money. What do we mean by that? 

  • The job that they do for you should relieve you of stress. You should not have to worry if they will show up on time. You should not have angst about if they are doing a good job for you. You should not become upset that they left your house a mess after they have completed the job.
  • They should save you money. When we say this, we are not suggesting you seek out the cheapest service provider. Remember, you get what you pay for. What we mean is that the painting team you hire should be able to give a price and have clear communication if that price needs to be adjusted. Ultimately, you are hiring them for their professional services and there should be few surprises, if any.
  • They should also have the ability to make you money. If you are selling your home and you want to increase its value, the painting team’s work should be high-quality enough that it boosts the curb appeal and perceived worth of your home. Same goes for rentals and office buildings. You can charge more for rent when the paint job looks new, fresh, and clean. 

If you prefer to work with a professional painting team that has a strong tendency towards perfectionism, we invite you to contact Basurto Painting. Contact us to request an estimate. We will meet with you, assess your situation, and explain our painting process in a very clear, non-intimidating manner. We genuinely care about making each customer completely satisfied, and we look forward to working with you soon.