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How To Tell If Cabinets Are Painted Well Or Sloppy

kitchen cabinets
Photo: Courtney Charney, Parc Agency

The biggest difference is in the eveness of the coat

Above images courtesy of Courtney Charney, Parc Agency.

painting cabinet doors Basurto Painting
Applying coats of paint. Image by Basurto Painting.

Do you know the difference between a good paint job and a bad one on your cabinets? Does it matter for a cabinet that you hire a licensed professional? Can you see a difference between a stroke by a professional painter and a hasty one done by an amateur? 

It’s hard to see an elevated standard in a cabinet painting if you’ve never had one done before. The biggest difference is in the evenness of the coat. A sloppy job will haunt you until you get it fixed with its unevenness. A well-painted cabinet looks like it came in that color of paint or stain.

Fixtures, handles, and attachments must be removed or covered up before painting or staining

Although people know what looks good to them, the cabinet painting has different benchmarks than, say, fence painting for quality of the service. There’s much more detail, such as if the fixtures, handles, and attachments are removed or just covered with tape. In a well-done job, there’s no paint or stain touching these items, because they were removed and restored with tender loving care. There is no mess or evidence of a paint job around the cabinets, because they have all been properly taped off and treated respectfully. 

Experience and the proper methods make the difference in painting cabinets. Image by of Basurto Painting.
green kitchen cabinets
The proper preparation and attention to details gives the desired results. Photo by Basurto Painting.

Even our 'quick and dirty' work adheres to our elevated standards

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice a professional look for something ‘quick and dirty’. Basurto won’t ask that of you. Even our fast work is given the care and due diligence we are known for. Rest assured, we will stain or paint your cabinets with professionalism and grace— even under pressure.

cabinets staining and coating
Applying a coat of sealant to stained kitchen cabinets. Image by Basurto Painting.
kitchen after - center
Kitchen cabinets (and walls and ceilings). Photo by Basurto Painting.

When you want cabinets done, it’s important that they’re done right– and done right the first time! Please Schedule an appointment with us today, and we’ll walk you through our complimentary consultation. We specialize in the jobs other painters turn down, the custom homes that call for incredible quality backed by a lifetime of industry knowledge and experience. Call today, and see why San Jose and beyond are raving about Basurto Painting’s “Elevated Standards.”