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Front Yard Deck Ideas

front yard deck
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Beautiful Spring Weather is the Perfect Time to Stain or Paint Your Deck

Now that we’re into beautiful spring weather, we’re approaching the time for perfect staining weather! The dry summer is our friend and ally and will help us finish the task quickly. So if you are thinking of getting your outer deck stained, be aware that the most efficient time for it is just weeks from now. It’s a good time to sign us on for your home!

Ipe wood deck staining process
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Ipe deck refinishing and maintenance
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We’ve begun to notice a new trend in the Bay area: the front-yard deck reimagining. Our clients are making over their front yards into meeting and relaxing spaces. It’s a natural fit after two years of pandemic: people want to be out and be seen, and to still be safe. 

A Space for Family and Friends

couple on porch deck
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An updated front-yard deck is a space that welcomes and hosts your friends and family. You can do all the same things you would reserve for your backyard (except maybe swimming), and create a fun atmosphere. Especially if you have neighbors who want to do the same. In that case, it’s like a social-distancing block party, both responsible and neighborly!

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If you have a step entrance or deck entrance to your home, this summer might be a wonderful time to build it up to create more space off of the grass. We can stain or paint it to your desired shade when you’ve got the front-yard deck just as you want it to be.

And don’t forget that the summer staining doesn’t have to be limited to a front-yard deck! We’re approaching the perfect time for staining front doors and garage doors, too. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a beautiful new hue on your front of the house this summer!

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Don’t hesitate to contact Basurto Painting for your painting and staining needs! Please schedule an appointment with us today, and we’ll walk you through our complimentary consultation. We specialize in the jobs other painters turn down, the custom homes that call for incredible quality backed by a lifetime of industry knowledge and experience. Call today, and see why San Jose and beyond are raving about Basurto Painting’s “Elevated Standards.”