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30-Year-Old Oak Front Door Refinishing Project

Photos by Basurto Painting

Front Door Refinishing Of A Beautiful But Complex Custom-made Oak Door

front door refinishing and painting Basurto Painting
Front door refinishing by Basurto Painting.

This week’s blog centers around another recent project: a beautiful custom-made oak door that Basurto painting has reclaimed for our customer. 

The door was part of the original design of the customer’s house back when it was built. Over the years, the door became badly sun bleached and completely faded.

“It was quite an eyesore to the homeowner and the homeowner’s neighbors,” Nico said. The threshold looked almost black, the finish was completely worn out, and now the wood that makes up the door was left exposed to the elements: the rain and the sun. When wood structures are left unprotected and exposed to the elements, we will then see premature wood decay, such as dry-rot, cracking, and splintering– causing irreversible damages to the door.

faded front door
Here is a photo of the front door before we restored it. Photo by Basurto Painting.

It wasn’t long before he called, excited to work with us. Sometimes, when dealing with services with long gaps between renewals, like house painting, customers get a false idea that the costs of labor and supplies are frozen in time. As the cost of living goes up, so does the cost of labor and supplies. We were not surprised by our customer’s initial reticence or return because it’s a prevalent thing when dealing with high-end homes.

Front door refinishing is becoming a lost art. Many painting companies will do walls and ceilings, but very few will touch a front door refinish project. While the price tag for the work is very much worth the effort, a door refinish requires a master painter with the right knowledge, skills, and techniques. Such virtues are only acquired through many years of training and practice.

For Nico, the math is simple on this kind of project: “Why spend $30,000 and $40,000 on your front door, when it can be brought back (or protected from further damage) by refinishing?” If you have a doorway in need of professional restoration, feel free to reach out by text, email, or call Basurto Painting at 408-206-4906. Request a free estimate and become part of the family.