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Five Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For The Holidays

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Utilizing The Five Senses To Help Freshen Up Your Home

five sensesWelcome to December! This is an exciting time, especially for the families who have had to sacrifice a lot of their special times together this year to manage issues due to COVID19. As the holidays draw near, we hear many people asking how they can freshen up their home for the holidays. And for us, the answer is through all five senses.

Smell: Smells can really frame a moment in time. Don’t let yours be in old socks and pet dander!

  • Bring in the best scents. Stock up on holiday-scented candles, oils, and Febreeze. You can do it cheaply or expensively, but either way, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Holiday Cheer for the Furries! Wash all pet stuff once a week, including the pet! It will temporarily frustrate some dogs and cats, but it will help you immensely to not smell sourness associated with your favorite furries. Pay attention to the litter routine and step it up if there’s some lingering stink!
  • Address the Naughty List in the room! Require your kids to completely clear their rooms on December 5th and December 19th so that you can vacuum, check for stains, and Febreeze! 

Taste: Plan to home-bake snacks every three or four days, even if just from a kit. It’s delicious and it fills the house with festiveness! Another great task to put excited kids on.

Touch: Consider getting some new holiday throw pillows. They can do a lot to make the sofa inviting.

Hearing: Add some new mixes to your holiday tradition. A quick check on the San Jose Public Library website shows a whopping 593 options when you search for Christmas music. Borrow some CDs and add them into your family’s holiday mix this year, to mix it up and start new traditions. Allow your kids to add in a few holiday songs of their own to the mix, too!

Sight: There’s something very satisfying about a splash of color, and the simplicity of a snow-covered field. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, consider getting an accent wall painted to a bright cheerful color for the holidays!

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