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Five Big Reasons To Hire A Professional Painter

If you own your home — especially in the time of COVID-19 — chances are you’ve looked around your four walls and fantasized about some kind of home makeover. Am I right?

If you have experienced these fantasies, you also probably looked at doing the painting yourself to save some money. Correct?

Well, let me tell you a story about my #DIY painting experience. 

I owned a home in Cambrian Park near the Almaden Valley Athletic Club. My house needed an overhaul, and I had visions of making it look spectacular! I poured through design magazines. I pinned all kinds of visions on my Pinterest boards. I watched hours of HGTV episodes and developed my plan.

Money was tight, so I decided I could handle the complete repainting of my home interior on my own. I chose the colors I wanted. I went to Home Depot and got everything I needed…or so I thought.

Then, I went back to Home Depot to grab more blue tape.

I returned three more times before I had everything I could need. Paint? Check. Brushes? Check. Drop cloths? Check. Blue tape? Check. Sanity? Well… we’ll see about that.

I started with the hallway. I prepped my walls. I poured my paint. I grabbed my brushes and began what I expected to be a quick and easy weekend project.

Know what happened? After two days of painting one long hallway, I was exhausted. All of the money I spent on paint, tools, tape, and brushes exceeded my budget expectations. The quality of my work was questionable. I turned to my then-husband with pleading eyes, and he said, “YOU signed up for this. I didn’t.”

My next steps were as clear as day. It was time to call a professional painter!

Here are my five big reasons to hire a professional painter, namely Basurto Painting in San Jose.

  1. They have all the tools that I lack. — Basurto Painting has meticulously organized work vans with all the equipment they need. Having all of these tools on hand means they are not running back and forth to Home Depot anywhere near as frequently as an amateur like me.
  2. They have lots more experience than me. — I own a business and I am very skilled at what I do. They are professional painters, and they are very skilled at what they do. I realized while painting my hallway that it would be better for me and my sanity if I stayed in my own lane of experience.
  3. They’re much faster than I ever could be. — Because the painters are far more experienced, they perform the work way faster than I could do on my own. They could complete in a few days what would take me an entire month.
  4. They operate with a level of perfection I cannot match. — As I got more tired from painting my hallway, I got sloppier in my craft. Where I was meticulous in the first two hours, I was practically splashing paint around by the eleventh hour. I love high-quality artistry, and Basurto Painting exceeds expectations.
  5. They provide a lot of value, extra care, and are worth every penny. — Not only can they do a beautiful job painting your home inside and out, but they also clean up after themselves. You will not need to bring in a maid service after they finish painting because they will leave your home looking spotless with no dust left behind! 

crown_molding_staining_paintingTrust me. If you are a busy professional who has little time or patience for Do-It-Yourself home improvement projects, I highly recommend Basurto Painting. They are worth every penny, and they have a wonderful crew. Contact them to schedule an estimate. They will meet with you, assess your situation, and explain their painting process in a very clear, non-intimidating manner. They are professional, licensed, and genuinely care about making each customer completely satisfied. 

You cannot go wrong with Basurto Painting.

Jennifer Filzen
Monterey, CA