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Customer Spotlight: Jack & Jolaine

In our customer spotlight, it's more than a business arrangement with Jack and Jolaine: it’s a friendship.


Hi, and welcome to our Customer Spotlight for March, a monthly focus on some of the regulars who we love and want you to love, too. Our first Spotlight on a Customer is Jack and Jolaine, a couple of realtors in Palo Alto!

 When Nico met Jolaine, she had been a realtor for most of her career; her husband Jack had been a general architect and builder. Nico describes the pair as perfectionists, very detailed-oriented clients. Jack and Jolaine had been using other painters the whole time. Jack and Nico met through Jack’s home-building business. It wasn’t very long before a beautiful working friendship began! 

Jolaine completely fell in love with Nico’s work and continued to use Basurto Painting. Jack left contracting and became a realtor and her partner in their company. All of us at Basurto Painting knew them for their well-managed properties that were an absolute treat to work on! Eventually, Jack asked them to do their own family home. Nico was, of course, honored but also very nervous– after all, business is business, but a misunderstanding in an important client’s home could be disastrous! But Jolaine just laughed and told Nico, “You are our painter.” Nico got to work on their home, and after an inspection and investigation, we quoted them a price for the work they wanted done to their home. 

As we began the project, surprises, extended hours, and changes caused the costs up considerably! But Basurto painting doesn’t cut corners, and we honor our quotes. We want to look back with pride to say, “I painted that house,” and have the customer happy we painted it for them, too! Our lovely clients Jack and Jolaine are detail-oriented, as we noted earlier, and they naturally noticed the discrepancy in the quote and the actual time spent on the job. But Nico told them, “We honor our quotes!” He offered to split the difference as a compromise, but Jack and Jolaine weren’t having it– they demanded to pay the total amount! 

Nico was, of course, impressed by their ethics. They have since repainted twice for Jack and Jolaine, and it’s always a pleasure. Each time they now insist on him working and then billing them after without an estimate. Jack and Jolaine are the kind of business relations they like to build with clients– good friends who trust each other with the work and play fairly. More than a business arrangement to Nico, Jack, and Jolaine: it’s a friendship. Jack and Jolaine continually refer new clients to us, and Nico receives a lot of business through them. We’re delighted to have such great clients, and we hope you’ll give them a look when it’s time to sell your home!

Our team prides itself on our exacting attention to detail and commitment to your design vision. If you would like to learn more about our residential painting services, please contact us for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to serving you.