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Customer Spotlight: Bill from Scotts Valley


You can listen to Nico Basurto as he tells the story in this audio clip:

When we work on house painting projects, we respect the home owner's space and privacy

This week’s blog is another Spotlight on a Customer! Today we want to talk about a client we enjoy working for: Bill, from Scotts Valley!

Bill was referred to Basurto Painting in 2006 by word-of-mouth, one of our favorite ways to get a new client! Initially, it was for doors and trim. Bill didn’t ask for an estimate or negotiate a price; he just put us to work from our hourly rate. Nico sent a few of my team members to work on the house, but Bill told Nico that he wanted the professional– Nico himself! We worked hard to please Bill and did a job that made us proud.

In 2018, Bill called back, saying he was ready to do some remodeling on the interior. That meant lots of doors and trim. As it was a large project, Nico gave Bill an estimate this time.

house painting trim

Our team worked quietly so as not to disturb Bill’s family, who wound up being extremely pleased with our work, partly because we were so respectful of their space and privacy. Bill’s closest contractor friend did a walk around the house looking for missed spots but could not find any imperfections in our paint job, which thrilled us. We came back for the exterior in the summer of 2019 and did a truly perfect job for Bill. We’re very proud of the work we did and continue to do for Bill and enjoy being his choice for quality painting in San Jose!

We’d love to develop a long-term relationship with you, as we did with Bill! Let Basurto Painting put their elevated standards to work for you today. Please text, call or email Basurto Painting at 408-206-4906 or You may also request a complimentary consultation. We look forward to serving you!