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Color of the Month: Unity

The Color Blue Signifies Intelligence And Responsibility. Unity Brings Depth And A Sense Of Power.

KM5009 Unity - Color of the Month - Basurto Painting

For our July 2021 color of the month, we bring you Unity. Kelly Moore’s Unity KM5009 offers a bold, deep, and sophisticated shade of blue!

In a more traditional sense, the color blue signifies intelligence and responsibility. Unity also brings depth and a sense of power that almost resonates with the ocean in that sense. In a home setting, this color will capture the eyes’ attention. Still, it will leave a sense of drama and intuition to the spectator. Alongside Unity, here is a list of some complementary colors;

Leaf Print KM5167
Leaf Print brings a soft, yellow/brown color that complements Unity due to the contrasting intensity levels. If you are looking for a color to help Unity stand out, even more, consider Leaf Print to use as an accent color.

Southern Belle KM5075
The mint green shade of Southern Belle complements Unity in a way that no other color does. This shade offers a blend of blue and yellow primary colors that are lightened by white to reach the unique color of Southern Belle.

Dallas Dust KM4492
If you are looking for a beach-themed color palette, then Dallas Dust is the perfect color to pair with Unity. Dallas Dust resembles the color of sand, and Unity resembles the deep blue from the water. Combining these two will bring the serene feeling of visiting your favorite beach!

Some adjacent colors to Unity that add contrast but still offer the Sapphire Jewel tones are;

  • Amalfi Coast KM5008
  • Baja Blue KM5007
  • Reflection Pool KM5010
  • Mudra KM5011

These shades are perfect for layering your blues with softer and darker tones than Unity. You can also add hints of lighter shades to areas with less natural light to bring hints of brightness to the area. 

Choosing the right color comes down to what your heart desires, but Unity is definitely an eye-pleaser. Here at Basurto Painting, we can help your dream color come to life with our professional services that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today at 408-206-4906 or click here to request your complimentary consultation today!