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Color of the Month: Kelly-Moore’s Silver Blueberry

living room accent wall silver blueberry
Photo: Javani LLC / Adobe Stock. Photo color simulation by Basurto Painting.

Spring is definitely here as color starts coming back to California, and to the decoration and design world, as well. With the arrival of the season, Basurto Painting has shifted our colors away from those winter whites in favor of the season of renewal. Our Color of the Month for May 2022 is Kelly-Moore’s Silver Blueberry (KM4994)!

Silver Blueberry KM4994 Kelly-Moore Paints
Color of the Month: Silver Blueberry

A Softer Shade of Blue

Silver Blueberry is a softer color. While a deep, thoughtful blue shade, Silver Blueberry is less passionate than a dark bright, giving room for other colors to become a part of it. Blue is traditionally a calmer color, and this muted blueberry also manages to stand out due to its subtle metallic-silver sheen. 

bedroom accent wall
Photo: KCULP / Adobe Stock. Photo color simulation by Basurto Painting.

A Soothing Accent Color

While it can be used for bedroom walls as a primary color, we recommend it as an accent color. Silver Blueberry won’t dominate or ‘split’ your primary color, but can add a serene soft glow from the accent lines, framing and highlighting your primary.

Silver Blueberry is particularly pleasing on bathroom counters and trim. The soft glow of this muted blue adds a soothing element to a very crucial space. 

white and blue bathroom interior
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock. Photo color simulation by Basurto Painting.

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