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Color of the Month: Kalahari Sunset Paint

Photo color simulation by Basurto Painting.

Kalahari Sunset paint by Behr is laden with deep earthen tones, reddish clay-like foundations, and fading orange notes reminiscent of the setting sun.

Color of the Month - Kalahari Sunset - Basurto PaintingImagine yourself standing calmly in the warm air of the Kalahari Desert; the sun sets its final rays across the landscape and illuminates the reddish clay-like ground beneath you. You reach down and let the earth run between your fingers, the floating earth perfectly complimenting the natural tones around you. What if I told you you didn’t have to schedule a flight to bring this experience home?!

Kalahari Sunset swatchBring the Kalahari to California with Basurto Painting’s “Color of the Month”; Kalahari Sunset MQ1-25. Kalahari Sunset is laden with deep earthen tones, reddish clay-like foundations, and fading orange notes reminiscent of the setting sun. Kalahari Sunset MQ1-25 evokes a sense of calm, relaxation, and warmth, perfectly complimenting the California aesthetic. Its deep underbelly of faded reds and orange pair well with its surrounding environment and can serve to highlight the interior decorating of your home. Beyond that, colors like this provide a sense of depth & character to their surroundings.

Photo courtesy of EcoView / Adobe Stock

Kalahari Sunset MQ1-25 is an excellent complement and inspiration point for your home!

  • Earth Tones: Reminiscent of spun pottery clay vessels; Kalahari Sunset warms the soul with its earthy terracotta-like combination of red & orange. Our “Color of the Month” is a perfect fit with natural colors. Think desert plants, earthy blues, and tans.

  • Complementary colors: Muted earth tones and tan-like colors naturally fit with Kalahari Sunset MQ1-25; we would also suggest olive greens and blues!

  • Get inspired: This is the perfect color to balance some of the pieces in your home. Use it as inspiration when deciding on furniture, pillows, paintings, or maybe an area rug!


Kalahari Sunset and its beautiful warming tone exude feelings of home, relaxation, and comfort. When we finish a long day, and the sun is setting, imagine the natural light complimented against the sunset tones of our “Color of the Month.” Just as the setting sun in the Kalahari Desert blankets everything in its warming glow, our “Color of the Month” might be the piece you needed to tie everything together.

Photo color simulation by Basurto Painting.

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