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Color of the Month: Great Barrington Green

The Basurto Painting team is excited to announce March’s color of the month — Great Barrington Green HC-122. With March upon us, the world is officially ready for spring. We are starting to see the sunshine again, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and the skies are the brightest blue we have seen all year. Spring signals a fresh start — the Earth is finally coming alive again. 

great-barrington-green-HC-122These are the reasons why we choose “Benjamin Moore- Great Barrington Green HC-122” to be our color of the month. This earthy, moss-toned green symbolizes life, healing, and positivity. Each time we look at the color, we can’t help feeling a little more grounded and relaxed. We think this color would be an excellent addition to your home. This timeless yet contemporary color would look lovely in your living room, bedroom, or even office. 

At Basurto Painting, we want to turn your dream into reality, bringing your vision to life. We are known throughout the Bay Area for our adherence to elevated standards through our use of our high-quality materials and pristine techniques. After winter, the world is finally anew with spring, and we think this color, Great Barrington Green HC-122, exudes the possibility of life itself. 


Together, we can decide if Great Barrington Green HC-122 is the right choice for your residential property. If not, our team has an astute eye for color and detail. We can identify the perfect color for your property. With our commitment to your utmost satisfaction, we will treat your home or office as if it were our very own. Our team prides itself on our exacting attention to detail and commitment to your design vision. If you would like to learn more about our residential painting services, please contact us for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to serving you.