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Color of the Month: Granite Dust

Granite Dust Is A Softer Pastel Gray That Will Bring Both Warmth And Coolness To Your Walls

Color-of-the-Month-Granite-Dust-Basurto-Painting_Welcome to this week’s blog, where we’re focusing on our color of the month. This time, we’re going for a mood– Granite Dust, a gray that’s on the cheerful side of gray!

Granite Dust is one of Valspar’s Colors of the Year, and it’s easy to see why: it’s a softer pastel gray that will bring both warmth and coolness to your walls! It’s an inviting color, historic, and offers a lot of utility in decorating, as it is neutral and balanced between light and dark.

When pairing with an accent, here are some ideas:

  • White – even the milkiest white pairs with Granite Dust perfectly as an accent color.
  • Off-whites – light beiges (like Crushed Cumin) work surprisingly well as accents. Instead of making the off-white look old and faded, it makes it makes it new and vibrant, as the cool neutrality of the gray actually makes the off-white pop.
  • Pink – last month’s color, Bunny Nose, actually pairs well with Granite dust; pink accents on grey pastels are a beautiful look.
  • Blue – A deep blue such as Cosmic Blue can pair beautifully with Granite Dust.
  • Fuchsia – bright colours, such as purples and fuschias, can also compliment Granite Dust, especially when the Granite Dust is getting the larger share of the visual space– think 90%/10%. We recommend Deep Sunset!
  • Darker grays – using a darker gray as an offset, such as Valspar’s Hematite, can be visually stunning.

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