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Color of the Month: Decorator’s White

Decorator's White is the perfect starting point for almost any decorating element.

Decorator's WhiteAn empty page isn’t actually a color. And a white background isn’t always a blank canvas. But it does provide the perfect starting point and open the door for almost any decorating element you’d like. But only the warmth and depth of that color, as well as the surface texture of it, will determine how a shade of white will treat the color that surrounds it.

Few white shades do as remarkable a job of conjuring the magic in anything you pair it with quite like the Benjamin Moore color, Decorator’s White OC-149. That’s why it’s our Color of the Month for December 2021!

An Excellent Color for Walls and Ceilings

Decorator’s White is an excellent color for walls and ceilings. It naturally follows that walls and ceilings are where we see it most commonly used. Having such a deep, bright white helps to set the scene for any object or color to burst forward and increases the light in the room, as well.

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Christmas Colors Stand Out

If you’re dreaming of a White Christmas, a white this bright will surely take you there. More than just the color itself, the way this color refracts light will create a sense of sunshine on a deep snowbank. Seasonal and holiday colors– the reds and greens of Christmas– don’t just stick out with Decorator’s White. They positively pop out, exploding with life and color! Both bright greens and reds and muted, natural shades are equally at home alongside Decorator’s White.

Any ample space painted in Decorator’s White is grounding. Without even discussing how it is accented, Decorator’s White engenders a softness to the space it occupies that impacts all other colors in the room.

If you’d like to see how Decorator’s White can change the mood of your room, we can schedule an appointment to walk you through our various services. We offer thorough color testing before painting, ensuring that you are delighted and love the colors you choose. Our attention to detail and dedication to elevated standards will ensure that you and your family get the home you always dreamed of!

Photo credits: Basurto Painting color simulations.