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Color of the Month: Farrow & Ball Cromarty No. 285

Cromarty: A Muted Green Grey

Cromarty No. 285

Are you stressed out and feeling the need to relax? Turn your home into a meditative stay-cation oasis and bring that calm inside or outside with Basurto Painting. Basurto Painting’s August color of the month is a muted green-gray called Cromarty No. 285 from Farrow & Ball. This calming, muted tone will soothe your soul with its earthy vibes.

As summer ends and fall begins, we all need safe spaces to find some Zen. This relaxing color will bring your dreamscape into a beautiful fog drifting over evergreens. Cromarty can also provide the familiar comfort of a beautiful, dried sage before throwing it into a delicious, homemade meal. Enjoy the peace of Farrow & Ball’s Cromarty No. 285  like a big whiff of Eucalyptus.

Cromarty’s pale and neutral gray with a hint of green is perfect for many projects for your home. Basurto Painting would love to help with our four pairing ideas that could offer you that stay-cation oasis:

  1. Play with some adjacent shades recommended by Farrow & Ball for Cromarty No. 285! When you do this, you can enjoy the artistic color blocking or geometric patterns your imagination creates. We also think these subtle tonal shades can offer you that home oasis you dream of for the interior and exterior of your home. Maybe there is a ceiling or large room you are planning to explore these ideas on.
  1. This beautiful pale tone is perfect with deep natural colors like greens and blues. When we see this color, we envision all the beautiful plants or water features on the interior and exterior of your home, providing you a sanctuary. A bold green or blue accent wall in an office can help you focus on this calm color surrounding you.
  1. Great with pastels! Have Basurto pair Cromarty with your festive pastel shades. Are you dreaming of pastel orange, pink, or blue on your cabinets and furniture? You may have pastels in your current color scheme that you may want to keep. This pale green-gray will pair beautifully with pastel shades.
  1. Pair with the tried-and-true reliable items. Cromarty is also perfect with white paint. This color complements wooden or metal furniture. Your options with this color are endless. Basurto Painting is here for your painting needs outside, inside, a room, or your entire home.

This color will complement your dream projects perfectly. Basurto Painting understands our clients’ stress and ensures our elevated standards will help you bring your imagination to life and calm your worries. We can put you at ease with our attention to detail, professionalism, and earthy neutral color of the month. 

If you could use some stress relief and want to learn more about our impeccable painting services, please reach out by text, email, or call Basurto Painting at 408-206-4906 or Request a free estimate and gain some clarity. We can not wait to provide our services and help relieve your stress and worries!

Photo by Sophia Kunkel on Unsplash