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Color of the Month: Bunny’s Nose

Bunny’s Nose from Kelly-Moore Paints is Perfect for Spring

We’re already enjoying the Spring season at Basurto Painting! To celebrate, we’ve selected a new color of the month: Bunny’s Nose KM5480! This blush pink hue makes us feel love and joy while still serving as a neutral, calming color!Color of the Month - Bunny's Nose KM5480

Spring is the time for bunnies to hop and new beginnings to start! What a better way to decorate your walls with blush pink. Try using Kelly-Moore’s Bunny’s Nose as a warm, neutral color for your home. 

bunnys nose KM5480Pink is known for love, kindness, and femininity. Here are five ways that this soft pale color will give you a contemporary and natural look to bring a beautiful appeal to your home:  

  1. Color of happiness. Its springtime and blush pink is a perfect color to compliment your walls. Bunny’s Nose would be perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. Your rooms will imbue a sense of happiness with this blush pink.
  2. What colors you can use with blush pink. Many colors can collaborate and complement to make your walls beautiful. You can choose the right trimmings that will give your painting a perfect look. When painting your walls in a blush pink color, use beautiful trim colors such as mint green, gold, white, blue & lavender to accent the pink. The blush pink will stand out and make for a great look.
  3. Refresh your room.  When you paint your room in Bunny’s Nose from Kelly-Moore, it may be hard to decide what furniture will go well with your color of choice. White and silver are a great choice to pair up with blush pink. When you decorate your room, try looking for items within your accent color range. Or, you can coat unpainted items in Bunny’s Nose, so your furniture is at the right hue. When in doubt, consider investing in furniture that would give your home the outcome that will make you happy.
  4. Warm it up. It’s okay. We don’t expect to paint all of your walls blush pink. Pink is a color that can be a bit much for some people. But when the color repeats throughout the house, it can have very calming and happy mood effects. Bunny’s Nose is a color that can reassure our emotional energies and elevate moods for the right people.
  5. The project begins. Plan your approach on how you want to use Kelly-Moore’s Bunny’s Nose paint within your home or office. Do you want to enhance it with a trim that will compliment your color? Do you want to stand out when you have visitors to your home? When choosing your furniture and accent pieces, blush pink goes well with neutral colors. No matter what style you may have, blush pink is a beautiful color to incorporate within your home and office when you have a solid plan. 

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