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Accents to Make Your Home Warmer
for the Holidays

Photo credit: Julia Vadi/Adobe Stock

Add a little cheer to your holiday season with accents and splashes of color for your home.

With the holidays getting ever nearer, you may want to consider an update to your home. It might be too near the holidays for something drastic, but you still want to get in a professional crew to do something that will make your guest rooms a little warmer for the holiday season.

interior trim painting
Photo by Basurto Painting
residential interior wall painting
Photo by Basurto Painting

Whole walls and bedrooms can receive a glorious new color, or it can be simply an accent color on the trim that allows the color of your walls to pop out beautifully. Here are some of our ideas for making your home warmer for the holidays with a little splash of color!

  • Small doses of bright color – just a few accents here and there, matching, can bring life to a dull room. It’s not ‘lots of small red,’ but lots of the same small red that does it. A thin red line along a runner can evoke the warmth and set space beautifully.
holiday color accents
Small doses of bright color
Photo by archideaphoto / Adobe Stock
  • Update your shelves and fireplace mantle. A newly-decorated fireplace mantle updates your family and welcomes in guests, as do shelves that proudly display books, photos, and small decorating accents.
fire place mantle
Update your shelves and fireplace mantle.
Photo by Mike Gattorna on Unsplash
  • Bring some nature inside – bring in a few pine cones, cleaned and finished, with a bit of holly and mistletoe set in a bowl for your coffee table. Or paint your pine cones a brilliant white to evoke a wintery landscape (that you don’t have to shovel).
candles pine branches cones
Bring some nature inside
Photo by Galina Zhigalova / Adobe Stock
  • Add lush comforts – pillows and throws with coordinated accent colors can help create a theme in the room.
window seats with cushions
Add lush comforts
Photo by Crin / Adobe Stock
  • Bright lighting – floor lamps can add light where natural light isn’t abundant enough, and mirrors can double the existing light!
lamp chair mirror
Bright lighting
Photo by New Africa / Adobe Stock
  • Winter elements – fur throws in winter white set a snowy mood indoors: peaceful, tranquil, like snow blanketing the horizon.
chair with throw
Winter elements
Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash
  • Curtains with a holiday color – adding new curtains to the windows lets the natural light pull across the color, changing the atmosphere in the room.
Christmas curtains
Curtains with a holiday color
Photo by StockPhotoPro / Adobe Stock

Are you hoping to add a little cheer to your holiday season? If so, contact Basurto Painting, and we can schedule an appointment to walk you through our various services. We offer thorough color testing before painting, ensuring that you are completely satisfied and love the colors you choose. Our attention to detail and dedication to elevated standards will ensure that you and your family get the home you always dreamed of!