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Accent Colors In The Kitchen

accent colors kitchen
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Painting Accent Colors In The Kitchen To Transform A Home Into My Home

Accent walls, accent fixtures, accent everything is trending right now. One that we find particularly eye-catching is accent cabinets! That’s right, accent cabinets, but what exactly does that mean? Your kitchen is the social hub of a household; it is the area that draws people together and breaks barriers between new friends. 

We share drinks, food, and stories, and together we build something special. That is why finding the right color to accent your kitchen can bring a completely different life to your space. You turn your space from a “home” into “my home.”

Here’s how it looked before:

kitchen - before painting
Photo by Basurto Painting

They had a wonderful kitchen, to begin with, but the floors and the drawer colors weren’t separated. The room lacked depth and warmth.

First thing is first, proper prep work.

preparing kitchen cabinet doors for painting.jpg
Photo by Basurto Painting

No matter what Basurto Painting does, it always starts with thorough and properly designed prep work. In this case, we took the cabinet doors off their hinges and filled any cracks, holes, scratches, and scrapes; before moving on to sanding, priming, and painting.

They chose an incredible shade of blue to accent their kitchen cabinets.

accent color for kitchen
Photo by Basurto Painting

Notice the thoroughly covered floors, signs, and attention to detail? We try to make the process as easy on you as possible.

New hardware makes all the difference.

kitchen cabinets with new hardware
Photo by Basurto Painting

We installed new hardware on these cabinets; see how much it updated the aesthetic?

The fresh coat of white brightened the space.

kitchen fresh coat of white paint
Photo by Basurto Painting

This beautiful coat of white helped to bring brightness and energy to the space.

Accenting the floors:

We love how the blue against the white helped offset the natural wood tones from the floor.

A modern look for a modern home.

With the updated accent colors and hardware, Basurto Painting transformed this living space into a modern home; bathed in warmth and comfort.

We are thrilled with how this project came out and just how much it transformed this client’s kitchen. We spend so much time in our kitchens; we should have them reflect how we feel and who we are. In this case, our client’s kitchen now tells their guests, “you are home.” 

Why we suggest painting/staining your cabinets:

Bringing new life to an old space.

The best answer is that it brings something completely new and invigorates your living space in a way you hadn’t seen before. Some popular colors right now include faded blues, grays, and classic white. All of these look wonderful, but there are no limits, accent your home with whatever makes you feel best. Make it yours.

The right finish for the right surface.

The kitchen is a very high-traffic space. Kids running around, oil aerosolizing in the air, boiling water & condensation, opening & closing cabinet doors, and hands touching surfaces all day wreak havoc over time. With the right finish for the right surface, you protect your investment for a much longer period of time. Our homes are investments, and we want to keep them valuable and protected. Our expert painters are highly skilled in selecting the right finish and sheen and using the right processes to give you exactly that.

Basurto Painting is an expert painting company based in San Jose, California, specializing in custom homes, quick and dirty painting, and more. Kitchen cabinets make a statement; you don’t want them to make the wrong statement. Our clients know us for our dedication to high-quality painting backed by decades of knowledge and experience in the industry.

So contact Basurto Painting when it’s time to accent your kitchen cabinets with new paint or stain. Please get in touch with us today and schedule an appointment; we would love to be invited into your home to help you design the kitchen cabinets of your dreams. We pride ourselves in the “elevated standards” we bring to the job site, and we look forward to the opportunity to show you what makes us different.

cabinet door with glass open

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