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A Royal Bathroom for our Aging Bodies

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Your dream bathroom can also look beautiful as well as highly functional.

In the 1985 Richard Pryor film “Brewster’s Millions”, a baseball player (Pryor) wins an incredible inheritance of $30 million – but he must spend his fortune within thirty days to gain the full inheritance of $300 million. Pryor’s character smartly spends on things that have a transitive nature– stamps, lavish parties, and a complete makeover of his hotel suite by a high-ticket decorator, Marilyn. Trying to egg Marilyn on to even greater expenses, he tells her, “Make me a room that I would want to die in.” 

Have you considered the kind of bathroom you’d like to have, or will need, at the end of your days? A place that looks royal and treats you like a king or queen, with dignity and care?

high end bathroom

As the years get on, our needs begin to intensify. It isn’t enough to have a nightlight in the bathroom at night– we need lots of changes to the way our bathrooms are to just get through our day.  What kind of extras and features would it have to help you deal with the loss of control of your body?

These needn’t be pedestrian and clinical. They can also look beautiful as well as highly functional. Basurto Painting does bathroom installations, as well! Here are some of the installations the Basurto Painting team has done for our clients over the years:

Install a Metal Handrail – a long, parallel or slanted handrail can help make late night bathroom visits safe, and help you in and out of the bath or shower!

bathroom handrail

Repainting a Bathtub – we can give an older tub with some wear a new, fresh, vital look!

bathtub painting

Simpler Doorknobs – our team can install door handles that are larger, easier, and lever style for arthritic hands.

Tighten/Replace Towel Bars/Rings – we can tighten your existing towel holders, replace older towel bars with newer ones that are sturdy, or put towel rings up.

Redesign the Toilet Paper Roll’s Position – we can move toilet paper holders to a different location to make it easier to use, especially with add-ons to the toilet like stand-up rails.

toilet paper holder

Reglaze Sinks – we can reglaze your sink with porcelain paint, to make them look fresh and clean!

sink reglazing

Consolidate Faucets – we can swap out hot/cold faucets to a single lever that controls the hot/cold ratio.

single lever faucet

Caulking – we can touch up or refresh the caulking around the bathtub and shower

bathtub caulking

Anti-Slip Precautions – Safety strips inside the tub or outside the tub to prevent people from slipping.

anti slip strips for bathroom

Remove Doors – We can remove glass sliding doors on a track and replace with a rod for a curtain to prevent older people from tripping on the glass door track or falling and crashing through the glass door.

Functional and elegant bathrooms make living in the later years much kinder. If you’d like some help with redesigning a bathroom, schedule an appointment to guide through our various installation options and services. We offer thorough color testing before painting, ensuring that you are delighted and love the colors you choose. Our attention to detail and dedication to elevated standards will ensure that you and your family get the home you always dreamed of.