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A Kitchen Cabinets Refresh!

Photos and video by Basurto Painting

A full remodel project by a general contractor wherein we were brought in to bring the kitchen cabinets to life with our talents and colors.

kitchen cabinetIt’s cabinet season! With the wintery chills, there’s very little exterior work to do, and even interior work like walls and rooms begins to slow down to a complete stop, as the cold weather makes these jobs significantly harder for painters to complete. 

But cabinet repainting is a part of our work that is needed year round! So today, we’re looking at kitchen cabinets we did recently. This project is a full remodel done by a general contractor. The cabinets are brand new cabinets that have been installed, and we’ve been brought in to bring them to life with our talents and colors.

Our journey on this project began with the home owner’s interior designer giving us the color and sheen selections for the cabinets. We came in to find the cabinets installed without paint. All the doors and drawer fronts were removed from the cabinets and then numbered, to make re-installation easy for the team near the end of the job. All of the hardware (handles, hinges, etc.) was labeled as well.

Next, the garage is masked with plastic and turned into a kind of spray booth where the team can work. The garage floor and other surrounding surfaces and fixtures that are not being painted are masked, as well. We don’t want a drop of paint where it isn’t supposed to be!

To make sure we’re starting these cabinets out as fresh and beautiful as possible, we look for any errant nail holes in the cabinets– sometimes, during their assembly, mistakes happen. Any damage to the cabinet is patched up. Once all patching is done, all surfaces get sanded with 220 grit sandpaper and vacuumed, until everything is neat, clean, and ready to begin.

Basurto Painting spray painting cabinet doors
The garage is transformed into a spray booth
cabinet doors on saw horses
Cabinets painted with Benjamin Moore Forest Floor, Satin finish

With the cabinets now ready for us, the very first coat of primer is applied. Our primer is a waterborne lacquer undercoat, to make the color we add to it stand off the surface beautifully. To deliver the paint, we’ll be using an airless sprayer. Once the primer is dry, all of the cabinet’s surfaces are sanded again with 220 grit sandpaper. They are once again vacuumed, as well. Any gaps are caulked to make it perfect. Then the 2nd coat of primer was applied to all the surfaces.

After the second coat of primer dried, all surfaces were sanded a third time with 320 grit sandpaper, then vacuumed. With everything ready, we applied the first coat of paint finish– a waterborne lacquer, top coat satin. Once the first coat of paint was dry, our team gave the cabinets a very light sanding with 800 sandpaper, and vacuumed the resulting dust away. With the cabinets ready, our second coat of paint finish was applied.

Once all the doors and drawer fronts were fully dry, the re-installation began. Hinges and handles were returned to their rightful spots, thanks to the numbering we did. 

In this particular project, a two-tone paint color was applied. That means that all the upper cabinets were painted in white (Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa in satin) and bottom cabinets in grey (Benjamin Moore Forest Floor in satin). The entire project was coordinated to go well with the additional counters and floor colors in the kitchen.

painted kitchen cabinets complete
Bottom cabinets painted with
Benjamin Moore Forest Floor in satin
Upper cabinets painted with
Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa in satin

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of kitchen cabinets refresh! If you’d like to bring new life to your kitchen cabinets, we can schedule an appointment to walk you through our various services. We offer thorough color testing before painting, ensuring that you are delighted and love the colors you choose. Our attention to detail and dedication to elevated standards will ensure that you and your family get the home you always dreamed of!