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A Fresh, Clean Slate For A Monterey Home

Photos and video by Basurto Painting

Our Monterey home, full-interior painting experience!

Are You Thinking About Updating Your Home?  

We did, and I want to share our experience with the Basurto Painting team.

My husband and I live in Monterey, and we are renters. We’ve lived here since 2007, and the interior hasn’t had a fresh coat of paint in 14 years! So, I asked Basurto Painting if they could help us out.

Basurto Painting - Nico and Chris witih Jennifer

Nico Basurto came to our home to take a close look and write us an estimate. After meeting with us, he sent the estimate via email, and we approved it via DocuSign. I’m all about making things easy, so the fact that the approval process was performed online made my day.

Here Is What Our Estimate Looked Like.

What I love about this estimate is how detailed it is. When I asked Basurto Painting to paint the interior of my house, I assumed it would only be the walls. 

But no! It was a paint refresh for the walls, the ceilings, the cabinets, the interior doors, door casings, window casings, bathroom vanity, and the hallway. To add, they also changed our light fixtures and upgraded the fixtures in our bathroom. The money spent was well worth it.

Here are some of the before and after shots so you can get an idea of the difference Basurto Painting made to our home.

Before And After Photos


Basurto Painting painted the interior of our home using Kelly-Moore Paints Swiss Coffee. They used an eggshell sheen for the kitchen’s walls, ceiling, door, and casing.

In addition to repainting the kitchen, Basurto Painting also stained and sealed the lower cabinets. The stained cabinets also came alive with a new, revived richness in color.

kitchen repaint and cabinet staining
Our newly repainted kitchen along with newly stained and sealed lower cabinets.


Our bathroom was one of the main reasons we wanted to repaint the interior of our home. In the before and after photo gallery below, the transformation was like night and day. So for us, the bathroom is one of the highlights of this painting project.

Bathroom repaint view 1
The recaulking of the tub in the shower, refreshed windows, and new shower head, and a new sconce light fixture has totally transformed our bathroom.
Bathroom repaint view 2
The view from the shower: repainted bathroom cabinets with new handles, new mirror, and new medicine cabinet.

Artist's Studio

My husband’s art studio is constantly in flux between messy and neat. But when Basurto Painting worked in his room, they made sure to pull all of the cabinets away from the walls and protect the furniture with plastic wrap. This enables the painting team to paint the ceilings without worrying about spills or drips on my husband’s belongings.

The artist’s studio was painted with Kelly-Moore Paints Swiss Coffee. For the wall, an eggshell sheen was used. This makes it easier to clean in general. The ceiling was painted using a flat sheen. This created a nice, subtle contrast.

man cave studio after repainting
My husband’s freshly repainted “man cave” which is his design studio.
It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint inspires to de-clutter the work area.

As you can see, our home is a clean, fresh white, and I’m so happy! 

Speaking of happiness, let me tell you how awesome it is to work with the Basurto Painting team! They are prompt, polite, professional, and make sure to protect our home from messiness. 

My husband and I work from home, but having them work within our 900 square foot house was not an issue. They took excellent care to clean up after themselves for two weeks, communicate when they had a question, and stay out of our way as we worked. 

Honestly, the Basurto Painting team rocks, and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants high-quality craft.

Next Steps? You’re In Good Hands With Basurto Painting.

Basurto Painting Monterey home
Basurto Painting arrival and meeting with Jennifer in Monterey, California

If you are planning to paint your house, stain your doors, or upgrade the look of your home, call Basurto Painting. Their tagline is Elevated Standards, and I understand why. Now that I’ve worked with them, they’re my painters for life!

If you have questions for me, I’ll be happy to answer them. I’m a real person glad to share my experience, so have Basurto Painting put us in touch, and let’s chat. In the meantime, I strongly recommend you request an appointment with them so you can define the goals and dreams around your home’s upgrade.

Jennifer Filzen
Monterey, CA