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Project Spotlight: A Class On Quality Painting

Photos by Basurto Painting

Basurto Painting will always take your costs and considerations into our work plans. But our commitment to the best quality painting is always there.

front-door-quality-paintingIn a way, the tale of a recent client we helped in Rosemar comes with a story we think you’ll like to hear. The experience we had working together gives us a chance to update last year’s 5k job vs. 20k job blog with a relevant example. 

Both situations dealt with similar parameters: a client who wanted a large body of work and quality painting but was a little sticker-shocked about our estimate. We thought we’d take you through our recent client’s experience to understand why it’s essential to know precisely what you are paying for and how it will change your home.

The customer was a referral from another client. We went through the typical process, setting up a time for an interview at the client’s home and taking the notes we would need to work up our calculations. Once we had numbers for the labor and supplies we were dealing with, we pieced together the estimate of costs and spoke to the house owner.

The owner was shocked at how elevated the price was and how long we estimated it would take us in fair weather (four weeks). When a different painting company did the last external painting, it was a 4-5 day process and cost considerably less. The customer was asking us some very sensible questions: “Is that ten full days?” “How many guys will be working?” We responded that it would be 2-3 painters, working full 8-hour days, for five days a week, over at least four weeks (weather permitting). 

What happened next is very typical of new customers. He told us that he would need to price around and see what his best option would be. We knew we had given him our best estimate and had calculated all the possible complications, so we thanked him for allowing us to deliver our estimate and went back to work. 

It wasn’t long before he called, excited to work with us. Sometimes, when dealing with services with long gaps between renewals, like house painting, customers get a false idea that the costs of labor and supplies are frozen in time. As the cost of living goes up, so does the cost of labor and supplies. We were not surprised by our customer’s initial reticence or return because it’s a prevalent thing when dealing with high-end homes.

We met with the client mid-project to make sure he was happy with the work we were doing. It is at this moment that Basurto Painting gets to shine as a company. Our client couldn’t believe all the work, all the preparations that went into painting his home. Our well-prepared staff surprised and delighted him, and he said that he loved the transparency in our process, our work ethic, and the thorough preparations that we made. 

We wound up spending four weeks on his exterior, and he wound up referring two more people, his neighbor, and his good friend. The estimate that we present to our client indicates the kind of professionalism and service we bring to our work. We can do a small job if our client wants, but at the end of the day, we have to be Basurto Painting, which means elevated standards and quality painting services.

Nico was very pleased with the interaction. “It’s just amazing how he changed his perspective about the cost. He’s in love with the job and he feels like he got a brand new house the way it looks now!” Sometimes a change of perspective is all you need. “Same house, same size, different prep work. That’s what makes the difference.”

If you’d like to take advantage of our elevated standards and quality painting, please reach out by text, email, or call Basurto Painting at 408-206-4906 or Request a free estimate and we’ll come out and give you a complete assessment.