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At Basurto Painting, We Understand Quality and Appreciation

To San Jose and SF Bay Area natives, Basurto Painting’s team of licensed painters has become synonymous with the highest quality residential painting services available and a sincere sentiment for the craft. This appreciation began with our founder, Nico Basurto, the heart and driving force behind the elevated standards that Basurto Painting has come to stand for. 


Since starting his San Jose-based company in 2003, Basurto Painting has come a long way in three decades. Nico himself is proud of those humble roots. The youngest of nine children, he has spent his life emulating the hard work and dedication he grew up seeing from his family. Spending his childhood with his grandparents in Guerrero, Mexico, Nico migrated to the United States at 15 years old to be with the rest of his family. Determined to succeed, he threw himself into learning both the language and the culture of his new home. Picking up English in a mere nine months, he continued to persevere and overcome every obstacle that came his way. 


Initially introduced to the world of house painting by his brother, he soon took to it like a fish to water. Learning the trade skills in his teens, he soaked up as much information as he could on technique, business practices, and leadership skills. Having soon mastered his craft and accumulating the necessary high-end skills, experience, and know-how, Nico decided to take on a new challenge: getting his contractor’s license and starting his own business. That’s when Basurto Painting was born!

Basurto_Painting_residential_commercial_painting_servicesSince then, Nico and his ace team of licensed painters have built up Basurto Painting’s reputation into what it is today. We’ve become known for our elevated standards, and that all begins with our team. Nico personally trains each painter to understand the expectations for their craft and their dedication to customer services. Our team knows that when it comes to our painting services, the only option is excellence. We use only the highest caliber tools and supplies to ensure that you receive exceptional results, even with the challenges of custom homes. With the highest expectations for the Basurto Painting team, we’re ready to continue providing San Jose and the affluent communities of the greater SF Bay Area with only the best in residential painting services. 

Basurto Painting is dedicated to providing you with truly exceptional professional painting services. Serving residential properties throughout San Jose and the rest of the Bay Area, we hold ourselves to elevated standards. Our team prides itself on our exacting attention to detail and commitment to your design vision. If you would like to learn more about our variety of professional painting services, please contact us for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to serving you.