Garage Floors You’ll Love

garage floors

Garage Floors You’ll Love Photo: Bobcat Beasley (Adobe Stock) Are You Selling Your Home? Don’t forget to check the condition of the garage floor! As we look to improve a home when time comes to sell it, some of the most important factors are overlooked until the moment is too late. While walls, fences, and […]

Color of the Month: Kelly-Moore Copper Beach

copper beach

Color of the Month: Kelly-Moore Paints Copper Beach Photo: Adobestock / UnitedPhotoStudio The biggest difference is in the eveness of the coat As we shift from springtime to summertime, we’re looking at colors that suggest summertime and the warmth of the summer season. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about Copper Beach (KM5372), our […]

Pool and Decks: Trim That Ties It All Together

cozy patio deck

Pool and Decks: Trim That Ties It All Together Photo: Adob Stock/slavun Decks are a really nice feature of many homes in the bay area. Color matching is so important to the look of a home. It’s just as vital as how our kids leave the home each day. It’s a terrible thing to go […]